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Apply to display an exhibit:

Note: Please DO NOT use this form to request use of one of the lobby exhibit cases or the Tower Gallery. See policy for more information.

Exhibit Display

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Tisch Library Exhibit Display, Exhibit Case, and Tower Gallery Policies

Exhibit Displays

Exhibit displays need to be tied to programs or events sponsored by Tufts Departments, Centers, or official student organizations and should be educational and timely. The exhibit display application must be submitted to the Tisch Library Administration Office for review at least two weeks in advance of the desired display installation date. The library administration reserves the right to approve the display of potential exhibits. Display organizers are responsible for all of the materials, both primary and support - e.g. printed materials, easels, tables, etc. – as well as installation and removal of the work. The Library cannot provide storage for materials and supplies. The exhibit display area must be returned to its original condition once the display is removed. Tisch Library is not responsible for the exhibit materials while they are on display; everything displayed will be at the exhibitors’ risk. Publicity is the responsibility of the exhibit organizer. However, Tisch reserves the right to share information about the exhibit on our web site and any other relevant Tufts sites.

Exhibit Cases

The exhibit cases in Tisch Library are used exclusively to promote the collections of Tisch Library, Digital Collections and Archives (DCA), and the other University Libraries, as well as programs or events in which Tisch Library or DCA are sponsors or participants. Exhibits also may be tied to programs or events sponsored by departments or organizations outside of Tisch Library and DCA, but in every case should highlight relevant collections and services within the Library as its primary aim. Please contact the Tisch Library Exhibits Team at for further information and paperwork.

Tower Gallery

The Tower Gallery in Tisch Library highlights Tufts undergraduate student artwork of all media, and usually showcases four art classes per year. The Tower Gallery Team coordinates these exhibits with Tufts Studio Art and SMFA faculty only.

Please contact Tisch Administration Office at or 73345 if you have questions about these policies.

If you have questions about exhibits, please contact library administration at

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