Explorations/Perspectives Classes

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What the library can do for Explorations/Perspectives Leaders

Library instruction can help your students with many of the questions they may have as they start to work on their research projects. Often the subject areas for Explorations/Perspectives classes are ones the student may not have studied in the past. Tisch library has many research resources that will be useful for your students, but they are probably not aware of the variety and depth of the resources available. Scheduling a library session can help your students with questions like:

What you can do for your students

Discuss their topics before coming to the library. Give them their library paper assignment several days before they come to the library. Usually the library visit will provide hands-on time so your students can practice using the article databases and get started with their research. It helps if your class comes to the library prepared with a possible topic or at least a general idea of what they may be interested in researching. Encourage your students to use the Research Paper Navigator as they start work on their projects.

What you can do for your librarian

Contact us at least two weeks ahead of time to reserve space for your class in the Electronic Resource Center. Most of the time, a librarian will be rearranging his or her schedule to meet with your evening class, so please be prompt. It helps the librarian demonstrate relevant resources if he or she has a good idea of the subject area your students will be researching. When filling out the library instruction request form below, include some background information about your class, and what your students will be working on.

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