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Faculty Guidelines

Several weeks prior to each semester, Tisch Library e-mails reserve letters to all faculty identifying submission dates for ordering materials for reserve and for submitting reserve lists for processing. The library also posts the current reserve letter online for faculty reference. All reserve lists received by the identified deadline are ready for the start of classes.

Instructors can submit reserve requests for books and photocopies using the online request forms located below; by fax to 617.627.3002; by e-mail to Tischres@tufts.edu; or in person at the library using the standard reserve forms available at the circulation desk. Online forms and e-mail submissions are sent directly to reserve staff for processing.

The library recommends that faculty use the following guidelines:

All personal copies, photocopies and the contents from binders are returned to faculty at the end of the semester.

Textbooks can be placed on reserve as a faculty personal copy. As a general policy, the library does not purchase textbooks. Exceptions will be made on a case-to-case basis for those textbooks that have special value as a state-of-art presentation. Faculty should consult with subject bibliographers before recommending a textbook purchase for course reserve.

Should you have any questions about placing materials on reserve, please call 617-627-3347.

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The University’s Policy on Fair Use of Copyrighted materials advises the Tufts Community to be mindful of copyright restrictions imposed by the copyright laws as well as the rights conferred by the fair use exemption to the copyright laws. We are expected to comply with these laws. A Fair Use website supplies guidance in compliance by providing the policy on fair use, pertinent FAQ’s, statutes and guidelines, links to other fair use websites and tutorials. In addition, Tisch Library created a web page with links to tools, such as Ulrich’s, for publisher contact information; recommendations for obtaining publisher permissions; an all-purpose sample publisher permission letter that can be used by faculty members to obtain permissions from publishers; and retention of copyright.

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