Boston Library Consortium Policies

The Boston Library Consortium (BLC) is a cooperative association of academic and research libraries located in New England. Founded in 1970, the BLC supports resource sharing and enhancement of services to users of the member libraries. Click here to see a list of BLC members.

Most member libraries are open to Tisch Library users for onsite use of materials. Tisch Library adheres to mutually accepted criteria applicable throughout the BLC. Questions concerning operating hours, borrowing privileges and use of the collections at BLC member libraries should be directed to the individual library. Links to individual BLC members are available on the BLC website.

Tisch Library issues BLC Borrower cards to Tufts Arts, Sciences & Engineering applicants. Faculty, staff and students of the Fletcher, Health Sciences and Veterinary Schools can apply for BLC cards at their respective libraries. Borrowing privileges at BLC member libraries are determined by the individual library. All BLC card users are responsible for resolving any charges accrued on their BLC accounts at member libraries, including overdue fines and replacement fees. Any charges incurred by Tisch Library for AS&E BLC card users will be added to the user’s Tisch Library account.

BLC card applications are available at Tisch Library's circulation desk. A valid, current Tufts ID must be presented when applying for a BLC card. Completed applications are processed whenever the circulation desk is staffed.

BLC Catalogs

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