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The Digital Design Studio (DDS), housed within Tisch’s Media Center, is a collaborative learning space for the creation of course-related multimedia projects including video, audio, imaging, and web publishing. The DDS primarily serves Arts, Sciences, and Engineering students and faculty. Students and faculty from other Tufts schools are welcome to use the facility as space permits.

Contact: Digital Media Technologist
Resources: Multimedia Production LibGuide

Core Service Areas

  • Course-related digital media projects
  • Small-scale recording/production space for course-related projects
  • Conversion of analog formats into digital files for teaching purposes


Faculty interested in using the DDS to support a digital media project must submit a DDS project proposal form. Although we review all proposals, the demand for support often exceeds our capacity. Please bear in mind that requests for the DDS must be directly related to teaching at the University, and we may not be able to accommodate all requests.

Student usesFaculty uses

Course-related digital media projects

Remix/edit video, import images/sound, illustrate graphics, design web content, produce digital stories and animations.

Assignment planning/scoping, course-specific workshops on media literacy and copyright issues, storyboarding, production techniques, etc. See the project proposal form.

Small-scale recording/production space for course-related projects

Shoot video, record narrations, produce green screen effects, rehearse presentations

Record short presentations for use in class. See Project proposal form.

Conversion of analog formats into digital files (view copyright guidelines) for teaching purposes

Scan photos/illustrations, capture VHS/cassette/LP recordings for course projects

Digitize projector slides/prints, original taped footage for teaching purposes. Click here for Digitization Policies.

desks and chairs in the dds lab

6 iMac editing workstations with Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, InDesign), iMovie, GarageBand, Audacity, etc.

screen shot of digitization software

Digitization station with Epson scanner, Sony Digital 8 videocassette recorder, Canopus digital video converter, VHS player, cassette player, and vinyl record player.

condenser microphone, audiomixer

Production/presentation room with green screen wall, condenser microphones, and audio mixer.

Using the DDS

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I reserve a workstation in the lab?
A: Yes! Students are encouraged to reserve a workstation in advance during peak times, although walk-ins are accepted if space is available. Students may reserve up to two, two-hour blocks per week by booking online.

Q: Can I print from a DDS workstation?
A: No. DDS workstations are not networked to the library printers, so please make arrangements to save your work and print from another computer.

Q: Can I save to my P: drive account from a DDS workstation.
A: Yes, indirectly. You may access the files in your P: drive account by going to vpn.tufts.edu. To save to your P: drive account, you must first save your work to the desktop and then upload it via the vpn.tufts.edu website. For assistance with this, please ask a lab attendant.

Q: Can I bring my own laptop or media device to use in the DDS?
A: Yes, especially if you need to transfer footage or other files for use in your project.

Q: Do you have ______ equipment or _______ piece of software?
A: For a complete list of equipment and software available in the DDS, please refer to DDS Equipment.

Q: Can I get general hardware/software/email tech support in the DDS?
A: No, the DDS is dedicated as a support resource for course-related media projects. However, Tufts provides a comprehensive range of technology services through other departments (see below).

Other Technology Resources

For assistance with... Please contact...
  • Trunk
  • Spark Tools (wikis, blogs, podcasting, forums, media markups)
  • Google Map collections
  • video conferencing (Adobe Connect)
  • concept mapping (VUE)
  • e-clickers

Educational & Scholarly Technology Services (ESTS) provides comprehensive technology consulting services, development and outreach opportunities, and tools to enhance the teaching and learning goals of faculty. This includes instructional design support, educational technology planning, and assistance with online course managment (Trunk), Spark Tools (wikis, blogs, podcasting, forums, media markups for web-based video annotation, Google Map collections, and web meetings via Adobe Connect), and concept mapping (VUE). For detailed information on services offered by ESTS, see https://sites.tufts.edu/ests/services/overview/.

  • email
  • productivity software
  • general internet
  • network storage
  • elists
  • software licensing
  • training/classes

Tufts Technology Services (TTS) provides computer software and hardware support, web site design, development, maintenance and hosting services, and hands on computer training for faculty and staff. For detailed information on services offered by ITS, see http://it.tufts.edu/.

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