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Connieís presentation was excellent and Iím sure thatís a major reason why the papers were so good.
Jeff Berry, instructor, Political Science

I am terribly grateful to Chao for helping produce the next generation of young scholars at Tufts!
Susan Napier, instructor, Japanese

Beth designed two wonderful sessions, for English 1 and English 2. They were tailor made to my students' research topics, and thus were immediately helpful. About 50 per cent of students left with a good start toward their research. Others were able to narrow their broad topics to manageable length. Wonderful sessions.
-Hazel V. Bright, instructor, English 1

This will be extremely useful as I gather sources for a lit review, and writing the protocol for a new study. Very helpful, thank you!!
-Science instructor

This was very helpful. I probably would have been completely lost had I not had this lesson.
-Jonathan Fricchione, first year, English 1

This was incredibly helpful, RefWorks is a very valuable tool, and I'm glad that I was taught to use it!
-Paige Colton,  first year

This was great, Regina! The students seemed to have picked up a lot. I certainly expect to see a difference in their research for their final projects.
-Molly McCanta, instructor, Geology

This was a great tutorial and though I feel I need to explore more on my own, I feel I have a better idea of the research "landscape." thanks!
-Senior, art history

This was a focused presentation on the how-to of research for my student's final paper. Very much to the point and clearly explained.
-Kathleen Pollakowski, instructor, Romance Languages

The workshop gave me a good introduction to searching library catalogues and to finding articles, journals, etc. I think I will be able to figure out the points that I am not clear on just by using and exploring these functions on my own. Thank you!
-Alexandra DeGenova, graduate student, UEP

The presentation really helped me learn where things are on the library website at least to get started. Now I at least know where to start and can do more exploring on my own.
-Sara Miller, first year, English 1

Thanks very much - I'm overwhelmed but in a good way - it's exciting to see what is all possible through the research. -Brendan Goodwin, graduate student, UEP

Thanks so much! This was really helpful, I feel like I always have to reinvent the wheel when I do research and this will definitely reduce that feeling.
-Amanda Harris, senior, Biology

Thanks so much! The session was very helpful. Although i knew the basics of searching, I had never been instructed on how to truncate, use parentheses, etc. in searches.
-Graduate student, Art History

Thanks so much for your help. You have made it very comfortable for me not to worry about asking questions later on as I start my research. I hope you are on the desk I will ask. Thanks
-Cynthia Nugent, graduate student, Education

Laurie was great! - The handouts were so helpful and her instructions were clear & helpful - I liked being in the lab and being able to actually work on the computer as she was teaching us the process. Thank you for taking the time and staying late for your class! I appreciated it!
-Sara Zela, graduate student, Education

It's cool that we've been able to text the call numbers to our phones!
-Amalia Toro Restrepo, sophomore, English 2

It was a very informative program, and I am glad to learn that there are so many resource tools at my disposal at Tufts. -Nicholas LoCastro, first year, History

I thought the session was clear, concise, and well taught. I normally have problems during the research aspect of my paper, but having the instructor show how to use the databases and refworks on the computer screen in front of me in realtime helped a lot.
-anonymous, junior, Psychology

Connie Reik does a good job at presenting this material and is clearly dedicated to helping students.
-James Nadel, senior, Political Science

This was a great class! I was expecting to hear many things I already knew, but the information Chao Chen shared was new and relevant. I'll use many of the tricks she taught us, thank you Chao Chen!!!
-anonymous, Art History

I thought the session was clear, concise, and well taught. I normally have problems during the research aspect of my paper, but having the instructor show how to use the databases and refworks on the computer screen in front of me in realtime helped a lot.
anonymous, first year, Russian

I found this very helpful. I though I was fairly good at researching, but I learned new ways to make researching even easier and more efficient.
-anonymous, junior, Community Health

I found it really useful to be told to start at a known source and then from there to determine what sort of language you should use for that database to execute the search
-Caitlin Hart, junior, Art History

I am currently a senior. My freshman year I attended one of these workshops and did not get much out of it. This workshop today, however, was a complete turn around. The presentation was very clear and I feel extremely confident going into my research for my upcoming paper. Ms. Sabol did a great job through visual presentation along with the handout she gave us. On top of that she clearly and efficiently answered each of our questions. Thank you!
-anonymous, senior, Child Development

Great to have such a friendly, knowledgeable, and overall nice librarian at Tisch. Her workshop was very helpful and thorough in describing how to proceed when finding sources.
-Ghali Armira, first year, English 1

Extremely helpful session, especially considering research paper course. I am now better able to use the vast library resources Tufts offers.
-anonymous, senior, Economics

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