Finding Theses and Dissertations

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Tufts A&S and Engineering graduate student theses and dissertations

Tufts A&S and engineering masters theses and Ph.D. dissertations are in the catalog. They can be searched by author or title. If you would like to browse by department, do a keyword search for tufts university dept of [name of the department], for example: tufts university dept of biology. The catalog will tell you where to find a copy of the paper. Note that most Ph.D. dissertations issued after 1996 (2005 for master’s theses) are available full text from the Tufts Dissertations and Theses database

Tufts Fletcher, Medical, Dental, Sackler and Vet schools theses and dissertations

Graduate students at other Tufts schools write theses and dissertations as well. To find them, search by author for:

The exception to this rule is that to find theses done at the School of Veterinary Medicine, search by title for TUSVM theses.

Tufts undergraduate theses

Tufts undergraduate theses are housed in the Digital Collections and Archives. A complete listing of the collection is browsable in the Tufts Digital Library. These papers are not available to be checked out and must be used in the DCA offices.

Non-Tufts graduate student theses and dissertations

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