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    International Law and Organization

    L201 (Glennon) - Public International Law

    L209 (Chayes) - International Treaty Behavior: a Perspective in Globalization

    L213 (Cerone) - International Criminal Justice

    L224 (Johnstone) - Peace Operations

    L232 (Fry) - International Investment Law

    L233 (Trachtman) - International Financial and Fiscal Law

    L250 (Fry) - Law and Development

    L262 (Glennon) - Foreign Relations and National Security Law

    L264m (Johnstone) - Non Pro-liferation Law and Institutions

    Diplomacy, History and Politics

    D203 (Shattuck) - US Foreign Policy: Problems with Security, Human Rights and the Rule of Law

    D205 (Weitz) - Global Maritime Affairs: Int'l Trade, Security, Energy and Environmental Issues at Sea

    D213 (Maxwell) - International Humanitarian Response

    D218 (Schumacher-Matos) - Influencing Policy & The Global Debate: Writing Analysis and Opinion

    D223 (Babbitt) - Theories of Conflict and Conflict Resolution

    D230 (Maxwell) - International Humanitarian Response

    D265 (Hess) - The Globalization of Politics and Culture for Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan

    D267 (Hess) - The Globalization of Central Asia and the Caucasus

    H205 (Khan) - The Historian's Art and Current Affairs

    P203 (Gideon) - Analytical Frameworks

    P220 (Conley-Zilkic) - Understanding Mass Atrocities

    P221 (Theidon) - Memory Politics

    P226m (Scharbatke-Church) - The Islamic World: Political Economy and Business Context

    P231 (Gideon) - International Communication

    P244 (Forest) - Modern Terrorism and Counterterrorism

    P246 (Merriman/Barkowski) - Civil Resistance

    P249 (Malvesti) - International Cyber Conflict

    P256 (Gallagher) - Innovation for Sustainable Prosperity

    P259 (Berkman) - Science Diplomacy: Environmental Security in the Arctic Ocean

    P266m (Warde) - The Islamic World: Political Economy and Business Context

    P272 (Khan) - International Relations and Contemporary History

    P273 (Yoshihara) - The Strategic Dimensions of China's Rise

    P280 (Prodromou) - Geopolitics, Religion, and Security in Eurasia

    P287m (English) (Jacque) - Political Economy of the European Union (English)

    P287m (French) (Jacque) - Political Economy of the European Union (French)

    P294m (Krohn) - Political Economy and Business Conditions Latin America

    P297 (Theidon) - Engaging Human Security

    Economics and International Business

    B206 (Nakosteen) - Data Analysis and Statistical Methods for Business

    B208 (Weiss) - Financial Statement Analysis

    B220 (Jacque) - Global Financial Services

    B221 (Jacque) - International Financial Management

    B223 (Warde) - Informal and Underground Finance

    B224 (Schena) - Global Private Equity From Money In To Money Out

    B227 (Warde) - Islamic Banking and Finance

    B231 (Ebrahim) - International Business Strategy

    B237 (Tunnard) - Field Studies in Global Consulting

    B263m (Simonin) - Marketing Management

    B273 (Moghalu) - Emerging Africa in the World Economy

    E201 (Krohn) - Introduction to Economic Theory

    E212 (Krohn) - Macroeconomics

    E213 (Schaffner) - Econometrics

    E215 (Alogoskoufis) - The Economics of Public Policy

    E220 (Lopez) - International Trade and Investment

    E240 (Block) - Development Economics: Macro Perspectives

    E250 (Krohn) - Macroeconomic Problems