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International Law and Organization

L200 (Glennon) - The International Legal Order

L210 (Hannum) - International Human Rights Law

L212 (Hannum) - Nationalism, Self-Determination and Minority Rights

L214 (Aptel) - Transitional Justice

L220 (Johnstone) - International Organizations

L230 (Trachtman) - International Business Transactions

L240 (Trachtman) - Legal and Institutional Aspects of International Trade

Diplomacy, History and Politics

D216m (Tunnard) - Social Networks in Organizations (Part 1)

D217m (Tunnard) - Social Networks in Organizations (Part 2)

D220 (Babbitt) - Processes of International Negotiation

D230 (Maxwell) - Humanitarian Action in Complex Emergencies

D263 (Fawaz) - The Arabs and Their Neighbors

D264 (Hess) - Geopolitics of Energy in Eurasia

H204 (Drezner) - Classics of International Relations Theory

H261 (Fawaz) - War and Society in the Middle East in Historical Perspective

H271 (Khan) - Foreign Relations of Modern China

P204 (Malvesti) - Women in National Security

P205 (Malvesti) - National Security Decision Making: Theory and Practices

P214 (Theidon) - Gender Theory and Praxis

P217 (Drezner) - Global Political Economy

P219 (Burgess) - Political Economy of Development

P224 (Basanez) - Cultural Capital and Development

P240 (Shultz) - The Role of Force in International Politics

P247 (Chayes) - Civil-Military Relations

P248m (Hite-Rubin) - Varieties of Corruption

P254 (Sims Gallagher) - Climate Change & Clean Energy Policy

P252M (Bhadelia) - Health, Human Security and Emerging Pathogens

P253 (Papa) - Sustainable Development Diplomacy

P260 (Jalal) - Islam and the West

P261 (Prodromou) - Democratization in the Middle East: Theory and Practice

P268 (Warde) - Islam and Politics: Religion and Power in World Affairs

P293 (Burgess) - Democracy and State Reform in Latin America

Economics and International Business

B200 (Jacque) - Foundations in Financial Accounting and Corporate Finance

B205 (Nakosteen) - Data Analysis and Statistical Methods

B207 (Weiss) - Financial Statement Management

B210 (Weiss) - Public Sector Accounting

B229 (Schena) - Global Investment Management

B233 (Bhide) - Useful Knowledge and Practices

B238M (Chakravorti) - Strategic Management

B262 (Simonin) - Marketing Research and Analysis

B284 (Everett) - Petroleum in the Global Economy

B291 (Ebrahim) - Leadership Building, Teams, Organizations & Shaping Your Path

E201 (Lopez) - Introduction to Economic Theory

E210m (Klein) - Quantitative Methods Module

E211 (Tanaka) - Microeconomics

E213 (Schaffner) - Econometrics

E215 (Alogoskoufis) - The Economics of Public Policy

E218 (Tanaka) - Applied Microeconomics

E230 (Klein) - International Finance

E241 (Schaffner) - Development Economics: Policy Analysis

E251 (Alogoskoufis) - The Economics of the European Union