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Purchasing Technology

Purchasing Technology for Personal Use

Tufts University has partnered with various IT vendors (e.g. Dell, Apple, and Microsoft) to provide faculty, students, and staff with an educational discount for hardware and software purchases. Visit the Tufts Technology Support Center discount page to access these deals.

Software and Other Discouints

Tufts University partners with various vendors to provide Tufts students, faculty and staff with with low-cost to a variety of software. These programs include, but are not limited to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook), Adobe Creative Cloud and anti-virus software.

Please note, each software title and version can only be purchased once per person. For a complete list of the software and to access the software, visit the Tufts Software Portal.

If you are unable to login or have a problem downloading an application, please contact the TTS Support Center at 617-627-3376 (x73376) or by email at If you have any other issues, or questions, please contact IT@Fletcher.

Guidelines for IT Purchases for Faculty and Staff

If you are using Fletcher monies or plan on installing purchased hardware or software on a Fletcher computer, you need to follow these guidelines. All work-related software and hardware purchases should be approved by Fletcher IT staff to ensure that all applications conform to University software/hardware standards, and are purchased at the best possible price and through approved vendors. In some cases we may already have a license and the software can be downloaded free of charge.

All software must be purchased in compliance with applicable University licenses. We are legally obliged to maintain only a certain number of copies of software and need to track this information for audit purposes.

Any individual who makes an unapproved hardware or software purchase, and/or one that does not comply with university policy and purchasing guidelines, runs the risk of not being reimbursed and not being supported by Tufts University staff.

If you have any questions, please contact IT@Fletcher.

Mobile Plan Discounts for Faculty and Staff

Tufts faculty and staff are eligible to receive discounts on mobile service plans from several major providers. Visit the TTS's mobile plan discount page for more information.