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Registration & Getting Online at Tufts

All computers, laptops, PDAs, and smartphones must go through a registration process before accessing the Tufts Network and get Online.
By registering your device, you agree to Tufts Information Stewardship Policy and agree to adhere to the Digital Copyright Laws.

Where do I get registered to get Online? Library IT Service Desk, Hirsh Health Sciences Library, Sackler 5. (hours)

Who is eligible for registration to get Online? At this time, only Tufts students, faculty, staff and clinical faculty ( i.e., residents ) with a Tufts username/password can register for wireless. People without a Tufts username are able to use our public area computers.

What are the requirements to get Online?
Any computer or device that has a network or wireless connection should be able to connect to the Tufts Network and get Online.

All users must agree to the Tufts Information Stewardship Policy and must not violate any Copyright Laws. People who use Peer-to-peer file sharing programs and violate copyright laws will face disciplinary action from their school. File Sharing & Copyright Violations

All computers that connect to the Tufts Network must have current windows updates and antivirus software. Computers found to threaten the integrity of the Tufts Network will be disconnected. Please see the Virus Infection Policy.

PC Registration

Before registering your computer we will do following:

  • Verify that your virus scanner is up-to-date. If your virus scanner is out of date, we will update it and do a complete scan. If you do not have a virus scanner, we can offer you AVG free of change.
  • Verify that your computer is up-to-date with Microsoft patches and security updates. Automatic updates will be turned on.

Smartphone & Tablet Registration

Registering these devices is fairly quick but can vary depending on the number of devices waiting to be worked on. Some devices may not work on the Tufts' network.

MAC Registration

Registering Macs is very quick since a virus scanner is not required for MACs. Please stop by for assistance with registration.

How long will the registration and configuration take?
A simple scan and registration should take about an hour. The time frame will change depending the speed of your computer and how many computers we have at the desk at the time.

Once you are registered you should be able to access the internet in 15 minutes.

Will I have to wait for my computer?
No, your computer will be held in a secure office and will not be given back without an ID. If you provide us with your phone number we will call you when it is complete.