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Use of the CanoScan 8000F in Room 524 Left Corner

The CanoScan 8000F is located in the left corner of Room 524. To load a document for scanning, open the lid and place it face down in the upper right of the glass.

To start the scanning software:

  • click on the CanoScan 8000F icon on the desktop. S
  • Select “Scan-1” from buttons on the screens.
  • The following menu will appear:


  • Leave the Select source option on Auto mode
  • Change the File name to what you want to name the file.
  • Keep Save as type set to JPEG and make sure the file will be saved in D:\Public Save folder or Desktop.
  • Click Scan.

When the scanner is finished, it will automatically open your image in Photoshop. At this point you can adjust the image as needed, and then save it.