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Outlook 2007 Email Account Configuration
Please remember to disable the "Scan for Outgoing Mail" option in Norton Antivirus. If this option is not disabled, you will not be able to send Email.

1. Start Outlook 2007. If this is the first time running the program, the wizard will run.


If not, the go to Tools and then Email Accounts. At the top of the Outlook screen, click Tools. Select Account Settings. Select the E-mail tab. Click New.


2. At the bottom of the Add New E-mail Account window, check the box labelled Manually configure server settings or additional server types

3. Select Internet E-mail. Click Next.

4. . In the Your Name field, enter your name.

In the E-mail Address field, enter your Tufts email address in the format
From the Account Type menu, select IMAP.
In the Incoming mail server field, enter
In the Outgoing mail server field, enter
In the User Name field, enter your Tufts NetID and password.
Click on Remember password so you will not have to enter your password everytime you start this program.

5. Click More Settings

6. Click on Outgoing Server and click on the box "my outgoing server requires authentication."

7. Click on the Advanced Tab.
Change each encrypted connection to: SSL
Use ports: 993 for imap and port 465 for SMTP.
Click OK when done.

8. Click on next. Try to send a test email to yourself.