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Printing from HHSL Computers – It’s Easy!



  1. To send a document to the printer select:
    • Word documents and Web pages: File > Print
    • PDFs: Select the printer icon in the Adobe Acrobat window
  2. Select color or black and white and the floor which you want to print to.
  3. When prompted, please create a username and password.  Remember this password as you will need it to print your job.
  4. Go to the monitor located near the printers. Swipe your Tufts University ID into the card reader. See below for information regarding adding money to your ID.
  5. A list of documents will appear on the screen. Select your document and then choose Print.
  6. Please enter the password that you chose and hit ok

The printing cost is automatically deducted from your Tufts University ID. If the amount available on your copycard is insufficient, the document will not print.  Laser printing costs: $0.10 (b&W) or $0.15 for double-sided, $0.30 (color).

If you have trouble printing, please see the Library IT Service Desk on Sackler 5 or the Library Service Desk on Sackler 4. For more information about printing, go to the services page.



You will need to use JumboCash to print documents at the Hirsh Health Sciences Library. There are two methods of using JumboCash for printing.

    • You can add money to Tufts University ID card by going to
  • CASH:
    • The JumboCash Add Value Machine is located on the 4th floor of Sackler.
    • Insert your Tufts University ID with the barcode facing up. Then you add money using cash bills. The machine does not give change, so it will add whatever amount you to put to your card.
    • If you do not have a Tufts University ID, you can purchase a guest JumboCash card for $1 from the JumboCash Add Value Machine.

If you have trouble using the JumboCash Add Value Machine, please see the Library Service Desk on Sackler 4.

Wireless Printing

Wireless printing is available from most personal computers.

For Mac and PC instructions, go here.

PDF Printing

If you want to print a document as a PDF file, you can convert it using CutePDF. Instructions are here. You can also use CutePDF to convert existing PDFs to PDFs which can simplify the printing process.

Double-Sided Printing

For instructions on how to turn on and off double-sided printing, go here.