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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to purchase a new computer?
If you are happy with the speed of your current computer and it is able to run the current software, then you could wait until you are ready.

Should I buy a laptop or a desktop computer?
In choosing between a desktop and a laptop, you should evaluate your living arrangements, working style and study habits to determine which would better suit your needs. Although laptops can be more expensive than a desktop with comparable specifications, most students choose a laptop for use on campus and during exams.

Should I buy a Mac or PC?
This is a very personal decision. The University does not recommend one over the other.

Do I need to bring a printer?
Black and white and color printing is available in the Hirsh Health Sciences Library.

Are there computing labs on campus that I can use?
Yes, there are computer labs in the Hirsh Health Sciences Library.

Are there discounts for Tufts University students, faculty, and staff?
Although back-to-school bargain packages may be available online or at large computer stores, you should check for educational discounts or academic pricing on all hardware and software before making your purchase. Tufts offers hardware discounts and software discounts.

What Computer Accessories are recommended?
Recommended accessories include a power surge protector and a portable backup device (such as a USB flash drive or external hard drive). You should keep all system manuals and disks in case of technical problems. For laptop users, we recommend bringing a laptop security cable. You might also consider investing in a full-size keyboard, mouse, and monitor so that you can ergonomically use your laptop at home.

Is there a Wireless Network?
Currently, there is wireless in the Hirsh Health Sciences Library. Find out more about getting online at the Hirsh Health Sciences Library here.

Do I need AntiVirus Software?
We strongly recommend purchasing antivirus software for your personal computer. For PC, IT professionals currently recommend AVG (Free), Avast, and Avira as free options. Tufts University also offers Trend Micro Titanium and Anti-virus at a discounted price. Note: Only one antivirus should be installed -- More is not better in this case.

Be sure to stop by the Library IT Service Desk on Sackler 5 if you would like help in choosing an antivirus software.