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Dental Medicine

Fab Five

  • Dentistry Research Guide
  • This guide lists our licensed e-books, databases, and selected Web resources .
  • EBD Research Guide
  • This guide lists our books, journals, databases, and selected Web resources for help answering foreground, clinical questions.
  • Lexi-Comp for Dentistry
  • This database features drug monographs that include interactions, bleeding effects, and implications for dental practice. Its manuals on most specialties, office emergencies, etc. can be browsed under Dental Databases.
  • Netter Presenter
  • This resource contains the Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy, 5th ed., plus clinically-focused illustrations, radiologic images, videos created from the new Netter’s 3D Interactive Anatomy, and selected videos from Netter’s Online Dissection Modules. The images in Sect. 1: Head & Neck can be viewed with and without labels.
  • Primal Pictures for Dentistry
  • This 3D program features over 100 views of head, neck, face, oral and nasal cavities, dentition, individual teeth. Its figures have finely articulated links to annotatations, which can also be searched. You can rotate its models and watch functional anatomy animations and video clips.

Articles & Journals

Searching for Articles

  • Ovid Medline
  • This flexible interface for the premier index of the international biomedical journal literature covers dentistry. Link to our licensed journals at the article level via the FindIt@Tufts button following its citations. Limit to Dentistry Journals under Journal Subsets on its Additional Limits page.
  • PubMed@Tufts
  • The National Library of Medicine's interface searches the Medline database and others. Limit to Tufts Holdings or link from blue icons on its Abstract Display to our holdings in electronic journals.
  • Web of Science
  • This huge multidisciplinary database contains citations from conference proceedings, international patents, Scienc Citation Index, and more. It augments Medline with coverage of science, technology, and social science. Choose a cited reference search to find articles that cite an author or work, and view the bibliographies included in those articles.


  • Clinical Key
  • Select its Books tab and limit to Dentistry under Specialties to browse its many e-books and download PDFs of their chapters. Search across its collection of practice guidelines, journal articles, book chapters, and drug monographs then limit to Dentistry.
  • Stat!Ref
  • Its collection of ebooks includes Burket's Oral Medicine, Lindhe's Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, Stewart's Clinical Removable Partial Prosthodontics and others. Its Advanced Search form allows one to select its Dentistry titles and search them by keywords.
  • Lexi-Comp
  • Its illustrated manuals on most dental specialties, office emergencies, etc. can be browsed under Dental Databases.
  • DynaMed
  • This point-of-care compendium has a growing list of dental topics, which can be keyword searched or browsed under Oral & Maxillofacial Disorders. It links to the full text of guidelines & relevant journal articles via PubMed@Tufts.
  • Many Other Electronic Works
  • See the E-Books listed on our Dentistry Guide.
  • Search the Tufts Catalog, change from Title to Electronic Resources, select e-books, then enter a string of keywords (possibly truncated with asterisks, e.g. using oral, dent**, mouth, jaw*, periodont**, etc.).

Board Review & Reserves

  • See also our guides to Dental Board Review Materials and Reserve E-Books.
  • Reserve Books
  • First Aid for the NBDE Part I & Part II
  • Circ Desk Res WU 18.2 F527 2009 & Pt. II 2008
  • First Aid Q & A for the NBDE Part I
  • Circ Desk Res WU 18.2 F5277 2009
  • Dental Board Busters: NBDE Parts I & II
  • Circ Desk Res WU 28.2 N385 2008 Pt.1 & 2
  • Models
  • Sets of teeth as well as skulls (real or plastic & labeled) may be borrowed for 3-hour periods.
  • Course reserves
  • Browse the Tufts Catalog by professor's name or course (all start with dental, e.g. dental anatomy). Required textbooks are also listed with their call numbers and links to electronic versions under Reading List on TUSK course pages.

Research Writing

  • Find Funding
  • There are multiple databases available through the Office of Research Administration that allow you to search for grant funding. Individual Foundations also provide grants for research in the biomedical sciences.
  • NIH Grant Writing
  • This page provides information and resources for writing grant proposals and NIH submission guidelines.
  • Systematic Reviews
  • This page attempts to help answer the following: What's a systematic review? How much time will it take to complete one? How can I find information to get started?
  • Citation Management
  • There are multiple options when it comes to keeping track of your references during the research process. This page will introduce you to two of our most popular prgrams: RefWorks and EndNote.
  • Publishing & Open Access
  • There are many decisions to be made when it comes time to have your research published. Some questions you might have include: What's the advantage to Open Access? How do I decide where to publish? What's the deal with journal ranking metrics and Impact Factors?