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How to Find Print Books

Use the Tufts Libraries Catalog to find books owned by HHSL and other Tufts libraries.

Some Search Tips:

  1. Search by the Author or Title of the book to locate a specific book.
  2. Search by Subject or Keyword to locate books about particular topics.
  3. Subject Searches - books are cataloged using Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) which are preferred search terms created by the National Library of Medicine for searching the MEDLINE database. Books are also cataloged using Library of Congress (LC) subject headings. You will get different retrieval if you search using Neoplasms (a MeSH term) compared to searching Cancer (an LC subject heading). Look at the subject headings in the example below.
  4. Keyword Searches - to pull up all possible books on a topic use synonyms and truncation, e.g., to search for cardiology videos try the following search:
    (heart or cardi**)
    ? is the wildcard symbol in the catalog used to replace exactly one character. * replaces 1-5 characters and ** replaces any number of characters. In the example above, cardi** searches for cardiac, cardiology, cardiovascular. Keyword searching using the wildcard can be useful, but be aware that in the above example you will also retrieve cardinal, cardiff, cardigan and any other words beginning with cardi which have nothing to do with cardiology or heart.
  5. Limits - use the drop down menu to limit to Video/DVD.
Anatomy of a Catalog Record

In the middle of the record is a table with the location, call number, and status of the item. The Location indicates which Tufts library owns the book, as well as the physical location within the library: Reserve, Reference, Library Service Desk, or 5th Floor Books Stacks.

The Call No. is the number on the spine of the book. See Call Numbers for an explanation of what the letters and numbers mean.

The Status tells you whether the book can be checked out or not, or if is has been checked out by someone else. In the example above the book is in the HHSL Book Stacks so it can be checked out.