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Information Services librarians provide a wide range of informational and instructional services to the Tufts community. The librarians offer instruction on biomedical resources individually, in small groups, and through course-related instruction. Below is a listing of some of the services we offer.
  • Citation verification. Missing page numbers or have a dubious reference to the literature? Contact the librarians in person at the Library Service Desk on Sackler 4, instant messaging chat, phone (617.636.6705) or email (

  • AutoAlerts. Formerly called SDIs, these searches are saved permanently on Ovid and executed whenever the specified database is updated. Our librarians can tailor them to your topics or design them to provide tables of contents of selected journals. When Ovid executes the alerts, it will email you the citations (with abstracts, if chosen) that match your search criteria.

  • Mediated searching. Our librarians can work with you to search databases offered by the National Library of Medicine, Dialog and Ovid Technologies. While we offer free searching of our licensed databases at our Library Service Desk, we must recover costs when searching databases not licensed by Tufts Libraries. For extensive searches, please call (617.636.6705) for an appointment.

  • Online reference assistance. Click Ask-a-Librarian on Ovid's Main Page to send us your search history with your questions, or Ask an HHSL Librarian directly.

  • Projects using the literature. Our librarians work with course directors to design projects that develop students' research skills. For examples arranged by school, see Education: HHSL Support.

  • Instruction. We offer hands-on sessions on how to effectively use the Tufts Libraries and their resources.

  • Point-of-service help. Please stop by our Library Service Desk on Sackler 4, weekdays 8am - 5pm, call 617.636.6705 or use our instant messaging chat services.

  • Archives. Librarians can research questions related to the history of the School of Medicine.

  • Library Services for Special Needs.