Date Research Step Days Needed Completed
1. Getting Started
    a. Understanding your assignment
    b. Selecting a topic
    c. Writing for your audience
2. Background Information
    a. Where to find it
    b. Types of information available
    c. Ask a librarian
3. Developing a Research Question
    a. Narrow your topic
    b. Developing a working thesis
4. Avoiding Plagiarism
    a. Taking good notes
    b. Introducing Refworks
5. Research
    a. Types of information, good electronic vs. sketchy electronic sources
    b. Search strategies
    c. Finding books
    d. Finding articles
    e. Link to subject guide
    f. Government documents and statistics
6. Planning Your Paper
    a. Developing your argument
    b. Outlining your paper
7. Writing Your First Draft
    a. Writing tips
    b. Integrating your souces effectively
    c. Getting help from the writing center
8. Revise and Rewrite
    a. Additional research, if needed
    b. How to revise your work
9. Citing Sources
    a. Cite your sources
    b. Refworks
10. Put Your Paper in Final Form
    a. Proofreading