Building Policies

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There is are two gender specific and one unisex public restrooms within Tisch Library. All restrooms are handicapped-accessible. The unisex bathroom is in the Hirsh Reading Room on the 2nd floor (main level). The gender-specific bathrooms are on the 3rd floor across from elevator, and on the 1st floor in the corridor parallel to lockers. Please report all service concerns or inquires to Administrative Services, 9:00AM - 5:00PM Monday through Friday.

Food and Beverage Policy

Tisch Library is a communal facility that relies on your cooperation for maintaining a welcoming environment. Please be considerate of our resources and your neighbors when consuming food and drink, and clean up after yourself. Food deliveries are not permitted.

Late Night Study

The Reading Room at Tisch Library is used for Late Night Study during the Fall and Spring Academic semesters. The Late Night Study schedule is available on the hours page.  Please note that a valid Tufts ID card is required to access Late Night Study.

Reading and Study Areas

Study tables, individual carrels, and lounge seating are located throughout Tisch Library in a variety of seating arrangements. There are 11 group study rooms; 2 quiet study rooms; and there are many small study nooks as well as larger study spaces.

Services for Persons with Disabilities

Tisch Library is a handicapped accessible building including study spaces, collections, restrooms, and an entrance/exit equipped with automatic doors.

Staff members of Tisch Library are committed to ensuring that anyone with a disability can benefit fully from the resources and services offered by the library. If you have questions or concerns about physical access or services, please contact Tisch Library reference staff, at 617-627-3460, to inquire about arrangements.


Public pay telephones are located in the hallway to the left of the Tisch Library entrance as you enter the building on level 2.

A campus-only telephone is located in the hallway leading to the Administrative Offices of the library to the right of the Tisch Library entrance as you enter the building.

A campus-only emergency telephone is located outside Tisch Library to the left as you enter the building, near the bust of Jean Mayer.

Please limit your use of cell phones in the library to areas immediately adjacent to the public pay telephones. Do not use cell phones in any other area of the library.

Taking Pictures/Filming in the Library

Please consult the official policy on taking pictures and/or filming in Tisch Library and submit the application if needed:
Policy for taking pictures (still or motion) in the Tisch library.

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