Staff Directory by Name

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Barbour, Christopher Humanities Bibliographer 617-627-2398 Collections
Berberi, Bruno Client IT Support Specialist 617-627-0564 LITS
Bilkic, William Library Assistant 617-627-3347 Access
Bloom, William Head of Access Services 617-627-2096 Access
Brady, Susan Library Assistant 617-627-6768 Access
Bronstad, Kate Web Developer 617-627-5194 LITS
Brown, Jodine Staff Assistant 617-627-3345 Administrative Svcs
Bryson, Julie-Ann Music Library Assistant 617-627-5862 Music
Budny, Margaret Library Assistant 617-627-3347 Access
Burke, Francine Circulation Coordinator 617-627-2878 Access
Callahan, Amey Library Assistant 617-627-3347 Access
Callahan, Jean Library Assistant 617-627-3347 Access
Callahan, Michael Digital Media Technologist 617-627-5704 DDS
Cedrone, Patricia Library Assistant 617-627-3206 Document Delivery
Chen, Chao Research and Instruction Librarian 617-627-2057 Research and Instruction
Chenkin, Harriet Administrative Assistant 617-627-2012 Administrative Svcs
Colella, John Library Assistant 617-627-3347 Access
Cooney, Jacquelyn Binding/Processing Coordinator 617-627-5080 Acquisitions
Cox, Thomas Manager of Library Information Technology Services 617-627-4318 LITS
Donovan, Miles Library Assistant 617-627-2091 Media
Elder, Dana Library Assistant 617-627-2686 Cataloging and Metadata Services
Ellis, Carol Library Assistant 617-627-2669 Research and Instruction
Faeth, Allison Library Assistant 617-627-5130 Access
Ferraro, Ann Marie Document Delivery Coordinator 617-627-3206 Document Delivery
Fleischer, Richard Manager of Media Services 617-627-3078 Media
Gankin-Segal, Irina Library Assistant 617-627-5075 Cataloging and Metadata Services
Gobiel, Beverly Electronic Resources Coordinator 617-627-5142 Collections
Grams, Deborah Library Assistant 617-627-4086 Cataloging and Metadata Services
Heckbert Jr., Richard Library Systems Administrator 617-627-2351 Library IT Support
Kelehan, Martha Social Sciences Bibliographer 617-627-2092 Collections
Kodzis, Anthony Manager, Acquisitions 617-627-2401 Acquisitions
May, Alex Affiliate Cataloging and Metadata Services and Metadata Services Librarian 617-627-2686 Cataloging and Metadata Services
McDonald, Steve Library Assistant 617-627-2208 Cataloging and Metadata Services
Mengelkamp, Anthony Library Assistant 617-627-2850 Acquisitions
Miller, Pamela Library Assistant 617-627-2189 Acquisitions
Morris, Alicia Head of Technical Services 617-627-6329 Acquisitions, Cataloging and Metadata Services
Paiste, Marsha Catalog Librarian 617-627-2280 Cataloging and Metadata Services
Perriello, Michael Library Systems Administrator 617-627-5646 Library IT Support
Quan, Josh Social Sciences Data Librarian 617-627-6207 Research and Instruction
Raboin, Regina Research and Instruction Librarian/ Research and Instruction and Microforms/Current Periodicals Collections Coordinator 617-627-4221 Research and Instruction
Raila, Marc Digital Media Technologist 617-627-0659 DDS
Reardon, Dani Library Assistant 617-627-3091 Media
Reik, Connie Coordinator of Government Publications 617-627-2073 Research and Instruction
Richards, Esther Library Assistant 617-627-3595 Acquisitions
Rogan, Michael Music Librarian 617-627-2846 Music Library
Sabol, Laurie Library Instruction Coordinator 617-627-5167 Research and Instruction
Schattle, Erica First Year Education Librarian 617-627-2847 Research and Instruction
Simpson, Evan Head of Research and Instruction 617-627-6253 Research and Instruction
Souers, Thomas Stacks Coordinator 617-627-2575 Access
Standeven, Andrew Library Assistant 617-627-2705 Acquisitions
Strauber, Chris Research and Instruction Librarian/Instructional Design Coordinator 617-627-2094 Research and Instruction
Thompson, Kristofer Library Assistant 617-627-2353 Acquisitions
Urban, Debra Staff Assistant 617-627-4263 Administrative Svcs
Vagts, Karen Research and Instruction Librarian 617-627-2095 Research and Instruction
Walters, Laura Associate Director for Collection Management and Access Services 617-627-2098 Administration, Collections
Warner, Jessica Library Assistant 617-627- 5169 Acquisitions
White, Pauline Library Assistant 617-627-3346 Access
Witkus, Francis Library Assistant 617-627-3347 Access
Wood, Laura Director of Tisch Library 617-627-3345 Administration

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