Giving at Tisch Library

The Tisch Library Donor Recognition Program

Giving to Tisch

Tisch Library gratefully welcomes gifts of books and funds to support the acquisition of library materials. 

Creating a Named Fund to Support Library Acquisitions
One excellent way to support our collections is to establish a gift fund in your family’s name or in honor of a loved one.  If you are interested in creating a fund to support library acquisitions, please contact Tisch Library Director, Laura Wood.

While open-ended gifts allow our bibliographers to acquire materials where they see the most need in the collections, you can choose to designate a specific subject area that you would like to support. 

Materials purchased from gift funds will receive a digital bookplate that is searchable in the library catalog.  Donors’ names and brief collection descriptions may be added to the Tisch Library Endowed Funds website.

Honor with Books
Interested in honoring a graduate or perhaps thanking a mentor?  Is a favorite colleague retiring?  Consider recognizing them with the Honor with Books program.  For a donation of $100, a personalized digital bookplate will be added to a new item in a subject area of the donor’s choosing (arts, engineering, humanities, science, or social sciences).  Donors receive a letter of acknowledgement with a direct URL to the digital bookplate in the library catalog, which may also be shared with the honoree. 

Submit your own Honor With Books donation today.  To learn more about this program, contact Tisch Library Director, Laura Wood.  To see examples of this program, browse the Honor With Books gallery.

Donating Materials
Before donating your books to Tisch Library, you may want to contact our Gifts Coordinator, Martha Kelehan to discuss the kinds of materials you are planning on donating.  If your gift is accepted, you should realize that Tufts University becomes the sole owner upon receipt and may dispose of the gift as we see fit. 

Tisch Library is the main library for Arts, Sciences, and Engineering programs on campus, as such we look for books that meet the research and teaching needs of our students and faculty.  We treat all donations of materials as if they were new acquisitions; consequently, materials are assessed by our subject bibliographers for their potential fit with the collection before being added to the collection. 

In general, we prefer scholarly materials in good condition that support current academic programs and/or deepen existing subject collections.  The library is unable to accept collections of textbooks, mass market paperbacks, outdated materials of limited research value, duplicates, books in very poor condition (moldy, with torn or numerous missing pages, heavily highlighted, etc).  Not all donations are right for Tisch.  The Gifts Coordinator can suggest other potential libraries that may benefit more from your donation upon request.

Due to the high volume of gifts we receive, we cannot provide a title list.   However, upon request, we will provide a letter acknowledging your gift and indicating the number of titles donated.



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