Locating Periodicals

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Some Tisch Library databases do not provide full-text access to articles from periodicals (magazines, newspapers, or scholarly journals). When you have a citation and you want to find a copy of an article, here are your options:

Option 1: Search the Library Catalog

Choose "Journal Title" as your type of search. Search for the name of the journal, newspaper, or magazine (Psychology Today, The New York Times, Journal of the American Medical Association) omitting beginning articles (the, an and a and their foreign equivalents). If this results in a screen with a numbered list of titles, click on the item that most closely matches the title you input.

Locations for periodicals include:

This example from the Catalog illustrates many locations.

This example from the Catalog illustrates many locations.

Option 2: Search Electronic Journals at Tisch homepage/Electronic Journals.

Search for electronic journals by typing the title of the periodical you are looking for.

Figure 2

Figure 3

Option 3: Search an Online Repository

Option 4: Request a Copy of your Article at ILLiad

If you've searched for your periodical in both the Catalog and the Electronic Journals list and can't locate it, Tisch Library probably does not subscribe to it. Request a copy of your article through ILLiad and you will receive a copy of it in a few days.

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