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The Evolution Of the Heroic Figure in Early Modern Spanish Literature

Research Sources & Tips

Page contents: Reserves | Overviews | Books | Journal Articles | Full Text | Request Articles/Books | Writing/Citing


I. Course Reserves

Check out the Course Reserves.

II. Overviews

Dictionary of Literary Biography

Spanish Golden Age Poetry and Drama / edited by E. Allison Peers.
PQ6065 .P43 1974

A Literary History of Spain; the Golden Age; Prose and Poetry, the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries [by] R.O. Jones.
PQ6057 .J664 1971

Golden Age Spain / Henry Kamen.
DP162 .K35 2005

Daily Life in Spain in the Golden Age. Translated by Newton Branch.
DP48 .D3813 1971

III. Literary Texts and Interpretations/Criticism

A. Use Library Catalogs to find books

1. Tufts Libraries Catalog

2. WorldCat (beyond Tufts)

B. Searches & Results

(note the search pattern; modify to your own needs)


Literary Writers and Their Works

Amadís de Gaula

El Burlador de Sevilla

El Celoso Extremeñ

Garcilaso de la Vega

Francisco de Quevedo

Lazarillo de Tormes

María de Zayas

San Juan de la Cruz

Vicente Molina-Foix



"classical period" and "spanish literature" and women

"classical period" and drama and spanish and (women or gender)


History and Criticism

Spanish literature -- Classical period, 1500-1700 -- History and criticism.

Spanish Drama -- Classical Period, 1500-1700 -- History And Criticism.

Spanish Fiction -- Classical Period, 1500-1700 -- History And Criticism.

Spanish Poetry -- Classical Period, 1500-1700 -- History And Criticism.


in the Broader Contexts of:

Spanish literature

Spanish literature -- Classical period, 1500-1700.


Politics and literature -- Spain -- History -- 16th century.

Politics and literature -- Spain -- History -- 17th century.


Literature and society -- Spain -- History -- 16th century.

Literature and society -- Spain -- History -- 17th century.


by Genres:

Spanish Drama -- Classical Period, 1500-1700.

Spanish Fiction -- Classical Period, 1500-1700.  

Spanish Poetry -- Classical Period, 1500-1700.



Literary Anthologies and Collections:

Introductory texts in anthologies provide overviews and surveys of an author and his/her works, a literary era, literary style, and so on so forth. The explanatory footnotes enhance an understanding of the works in terms of contemporary culture and literary traditions in which the authors lived and wrote. Hence, the historical significance of the works. For example:

Selected Poems of Garcilaso de la Vega: a Bilingual Edition.
edited and translated by John Dent-Young.
PQ6391.A5 D45 2009


The Trickster of Seville and the Stone Guest = El burlador de Sevilla y el convidado de piedra / Tirso de Molina; translated with an introduction & commentary by Gwynne Edwards. PQ6434.B8 E5 1986

Spanish Drama of the Golden Age: Twelve Plays / Edited with introd. and notes by Raymond R. MacCurdy. PQ6218 .S63 1971
(Introd. and notes in English; text of plays in Spanish.)


Path of Discovery in the Catalog

1. Find a title/author (assigned readings/Course Reserves);

2. Note the descriptive language of the Catalog record.

3. Use that language in further searches


e.g. Click on subject/author in the record to see further results and related topics.


Title Cultural Authority in Golden Age Spain. / edited by Marina S. Brownlee and Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht.
Publisher Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1995.
Subject Spanish literature -- Classical period, 1500-1700 -- History and criticism.
Politics and literature -- Spain -- History -- 16th century.
Politics and literature -- Spain -- History -- 17th century.
Literature and society -- Spain -- History -- 16th century.
Literature and society -- Spain -- History -- 17th century.
Added Author Brownlee, Marina Scordilis.
Gumbrecht, Hans Ulrich.

IV. More Specific and Current Discussions

A. Use Subject Databases to find Journal Articles:

1 & 2. JSTOR and Project Muse

JSTOR is a favorite with its full texts in core journals of all disciplines. Project Muse does not include exactly the same JSTOR journals, but it has more recent and current articles on many topics.


Expand your search into more databases and from various perspectives

3. Academic OneFile
All subjects; a Quick Start. Here are some sample findings:



4. Literature (MLA) and Latin American Studies



5. When use GoogleScholar, set your Library Links to access Tufts full texts.


B. Build Up Your Search:

1. Start with names of literary writers and authors of articles and books in your readings; titles of the literary works and of those readings as well.

2. Examine the initial search results to discover what scholars have written about these writers, authors, and their works: "issues" addressed; the central debates on these issues, evidence and methods applied in analysis of these issues, and so on.

3. You may choose to focus on some typical themes such as Honour, Romance, Women, etc.

4. Other elements, for example:

* imagery;

* characters/characterization;

* the plot, events, actions;

* the settings

* literary devices, e.g. points of view, the the narrator, etc.

* Other literary techniques, e.g. metaphor, and other types of figurative language;

* and more.

C. Bibliographies and More Articles Like This "Perfect" One



Search, in Arts and Humanities Citation Index, (part of Web of Science) for the article you have read.

For example:

Dunn, Peter N . "'Lazarillo de Tormes' - the Case of the Purloined Letter." Revista de Estudios Hispanicos 22: 1 (1988), 1-14.
References: 25 Times Cited:4

You can, then, look up, in the record, the 25 references that Dunn cited for his article and, in turn, 4 articles that cited his. The assumption is that these articles address related issues.



1. Not every single article is cited;
2. Influential authors are cited more often;
3. More recent publications take time to be cited.

D. Finding Full Texts

1. Click on the findIt@tufts button button in your search results screen to a window of three sequential options:

a. link to the digital full text when available;

b. link to a Library Catalog search for the print journal;

c. link to ILliad for requesting the article when the above two options are negative.

2. Search for a journal directly here:

a. Tufts Library Catalog (including e-journals)

b. Electronic journals list

c. Use ILliad to request your article, if Tufts does not have your journal.

E. Request Articles/Books

Set up for your ILliad account

Use ILLiad, our Interlibrary Loan Service, to request articles, books and other materials that are not available at Tufts.

Appendix I. Writing and Citing

A Short Guide to Writing about Literature by Sylvan Barnet. Ref: PE1479.C7 B3

Writing about Literature (handout from Writing Center at UNC.)

MLA Style (for citing sources)