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Romance Linguistics

Research Sources & Tips


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I. Course Reserves

Check out the Course Reserves.

II. Books on Languages

A. Use Library Catalogs to find books

1. Tufts Libraries Catalog

2. WorldCat (beyond Tufts)

B. Searches & Results

(note the search pattern; modify to your own needs)

French Language
French Language Dictionaries
French Language -- Etymology.
French language -- History.

Italian Language
Italian Language Dictionaries
Italian Language -- Etymology.
Italian language -- History.

Portuguese language
Portuguese Language -- Dictionaries.
Portuguese language -- History.

Romanian Language

III. More Specific and Current Discussions

A. Use Subject Databases for Journal Articles:

1 & 2. JSTOR and Project Muse

JSTOR is a favorite with its full texts in core journals of all disciplines. Project Muse does not include exactly the same JSTOR journals, but it has more recent and current articles on many topics.


Expand your search into more databases and from various perspectives

3. Academic OneFile
All subjects; a convenient Quick Start.


4. MLA (Modern Language Association), Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA)    




5. When you use GoogleScholar, a limited scholarly universe, set your Scholar Preferences to access our full texts.

B. Finding Full Texts

1. Click on the findIt@tufts button button in your search results screen to a window of three sequential options:

a. link to the digital full text when available;

b. link to a Library Catalog search for the print journal;

c. link to ILliad for requesting the article when the above two options are negative.

2. Search for a journal directly here:

a. Tufts Library Catalog (including e-journals)

b. Electronic journals list

c. Use ILliad to request your article, if Tufts does not have your journal.

C. Request Articles/Books

Set up for your ILliad account

Use ILLiad, our Interlibrary Loan Service, to request articles, books and other materials that are not available at Tufts.

IV. Newspapers (in Romance Language)

(including French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and many more.)

LexisNexis Academic



V. Language Dictionaries


The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) Online

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology 

The Oxford Essential Dictionary of Foreign Terms in English

The Browser's Dictionary of Foreign Words and Phrases 

Dictionary of Foreign Phrases and Abbreviations, H.W. Wilson 

The Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar

Romance Languages Dictionaries:

1. Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish (Oxford Language Dictionaries Online)
This is a fully searchable, comprehensive bilingual dictionaries online resource. In addition to dictionaries, OLDO includes unique study materials on topics such as life & culture, grammar & vocabulary, and writing & word games.

2. Collins Portuguese Dictionary (online)

3. New Pocket Romanian Dictionary: Romanian-English, English-Romanian. Ref. PC779 .P355 1982.

Latin Dictionaries:

The Pocket Oxford Latin Dictionary (English-Latin)
The Pocket Oxford Latin Dictionary (Latin-English)

Oxford Latin Dictionary. Ref. PA2365.E5 O9 1982
Thesaurus Linguae Latinae. Ref. PA2361 .T4

More French Dictionaries:

ATILF- Analyse et Traitement Informatique de la Langue Française.
La Langue Française de TV5—Le Dictionnaire Anglais Français

Dictionaries of Languages and Linguistics

Dictionary of Languages   
A Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics
International Encyclopedia of Linguistics 

Dictionaries of Etymology

Word Histories and Mysteries
Word Origins
The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology

A New Dictionary of Eponyms
Chambers Dictionary of Eponyms

VI. Books on Etymologies:


The Secret Life of Words: How English Became English. (Stacks: PE1580 H45 2008)



Dictionnaire Historique de la Langue Française: Contenant les Mots Français en Usage et Quelques Autres Délaissés ... / sous la direction de Alain Rey. (Ref. PC2625 .D527 1995)


Dictionnaire Historique de la Langue Française: Contenant les Mots Français en Usage et Quelques Autres Délaissés, avec Leur Origine Proche et Lointaine ... / par Alain Rey ... [et al.] ; sous la direction de Alain Rey. (Ref. PC2580 .D52 1992)


Histoires de Mots. Stacks: PC2460 .C437 1985


Dizionario Etimologico Della Lingua Italiana. Ref. PC1580 .C67


Come Nascono le Parole Italiane. Stacks: PC1571 .Z6 1989


Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa. Ref. PC5327 .C6 1984


From Latin to Romanian: the Historical Development of Romanian in an Comparative Romance Context. Stacks: PC764.L3 S2513 2005


Romanian: an Essential Grammar. Stacks: PC639.5.E5 G675 2008


The origins of the Rumanians: the Early History of the Rumanian Language. Stacks: PC615 .D8 1996


The Romanian Accent in English. Stacks: P37.5.S68 P58 2008


Diccionario de la Lengua Española. Ref. PC4625 .A3 1992


Diccionario Crítico Etimológico Castellano e Hispánico. Ref. PC4580 .C6 1980


Diccionario Histórico de la Lengua Española. Ref. PC4625 .A35 1960


Diccionario de Anglicismos [por] Ricardo J. Alfaro. Ref. PC4582.E6 A43 1970


Nuevo Tesoro Lexicográfico del Español: (S. XIV-1726). Ref. PC4650 .N54 2007 (10 vols.)