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Research Sources for Graduate Studies in German Studies


I. Ciritcal Biographies & Other Background Info

Dictionary of Literary Biography
Includes biographical, critical essays and bibliographies on the 20th century American and European cultural theorists.

Deutscher Biographischer Index = German Biographical Index.
Ref. Z5305.G3 K63 2004 (8 vols)

Die Deutsche Literatur: Biographisches und Bibliographisches Lexikon
Ref. PT236 .D4

Wer Ist Wer? = Das Deutsche Who's Who.
Stacks: DD85 .W3

Deutsche Biographische Enzyklopädie:(DBE).
Ref. CT759 .D48 1995 (10 vols )

Research Guide to European Historical Biography, 1450-present.
Ref. CT759.Z99 R47 1992 (8 vols.)

II. Drama & Theatre

Berlinische Dramaturgie: Gesprächsprotokolle der von Peter Hacks geleiteten Akademiearbeitsgruppen / herausgegeben von Thomas Keck und Jens Mehrle. (5 volumes)
PN2656.B4 B47 2010

Theaterlexikon / Manfred Brauneck, Gérard Schneilin (Hg.); unter Mitarbeit von Wolfgang Beck.
Tisch Reference: PN2035 .T452 2007

A History of German Theatre / edited by Simon Williams and Maik Hamburger.
PN2641 .H57 2008

Encyclopedia of Contemporary German Culture. DD290.26 .E53 1999

Modern Germany: an Encyclopedia of History, People, and Culture, 1871-1990. Ref. DD14 .M64 1998

A Historical dictionary of Germany's Weimar Republic, 1918-1933. DD84 .V56 1997

The Encyclopedia of the Third Reich. Ref. DD256.5 .G76313 1991

Dictionary of German history, 1806-1945. Ref. DD203 .F47 1978

A Historical Dictionary of Germany's Weimar Republic, 1918-1933.
Ref. DD84 .V56 1997

The Encyclopedia of the Third Reich
. Ref. DD256.5 .G76313 1991

Bibliographie der Fremdsprachigen Zeitschriftenliteratur. 1958-1964. ( AI9 .B7 1958-59)

Deutsche Literarische Zeitschriften, 1945-1970: ein Reperto. (PT405 .F55 1992)

The Feminist Encyclopedia of German Literature. (PT 41 .F46 1997.)

The Oxford Companion to German Literature. 3rd ed. (PT 41 .G3 1997).

Literaturlexikon: Autoren und Werke Deutscher Sprache . 15 vols. (PT 41 .L5 1988)

A Handbook on Old High German Literature. 2nd ed. (PT 183 .B6 1976)

Lexikon des Mittelalters. 10 vols. (D 101.5 .L49)

Library Catalogs for Books & More

(various types of primary & secondary sources)

1. Tufts Libraries Catalog

2. BLC WorldCat (libraries worldwide)


3. Internet Archive
Digital editions of out-of-copyright books, generally pre-1923.


4. Hathi Trust
(a partnership of major research institutions and libraries)


5. Google Books
Digital editions of out-of-copyright books, generally pre-1923, and previews of books in copyright.

Searches & Results

(note the search pattern; modify to your own needs)

Broad Subjects:

German Drama

German Drama History and Criticism

Theater Germany

       Theater Germany History

Enlightenment -- Germany.

German Films

Germany -- History.

German Literature.

German Fiction

Authors, Filmmakers, etc:

Lang, Fritz (last name first)

Brecht Bertolt

Wenders, Wim

Adorno, Theodor W

**A keyword search for less-known authors in the English-speaking world may be more effective than a subject browse.

Texts in German language:

Advanced Keyword search; limit to German:



1. Or and ( ) to search any or all of the words;.
2. german* searches for german, germany, etc.


Internationale Bibliographie der Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaftlichen Zeitschriftenliteratur = International Bibliography of Periodical Literature on the Humanities and Social Sciences : IBZ.

Internationale Bibliographie der Rezensionen Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaftlicher Literatur = International Bibliography of Book reviews of Scholarly Literature on the Humanities and Social Sciences: IBR.
1998-2009. (Tisch Reference: Z1035.A1 I68)

Bibliographie der Deutschen Sprach-und-Literaturwissenschaft. (BDSL) Annual.
1943-2009. (Tisch Reference: Z 2231 .B5).

Also known as "Eppelsheimer-Köttelwelsch", the BDSL is considered the most important bibliographical resource for German language and literary studies. It broadly indexes both monographic and serial literature in the field. It covers scholarly publishing on an international scale in several languages.

The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies. (Bookstacks: PB1 .Y45)

Provides a critical bibliography of language and literature (modern and Medieval) for all European languages except English.

Monumenta Germaniae Historica  
A comprehensive collection of sources in German history from about CE 500 to 1500

WESSWEB: German Studies Web
Developed by the Western Europe Studies Section (WESS) of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), and hosted by Dartmouth College, this website provides well organized links to scholarly resources in German Studies, including all German-speaking countries.


Subject databases for journal articles:

1 & 2. JSTOR and Project Muse
JSTOR is a favorite with its full texts in core journals of all disciplines. Project Muse does not include exactly the same JSTOR journals, but it has more recent and current articles on many topics.

3. Academic OneFile

All subjects; a convenient quick start.

4. MLA (the principal bibliography of literary studies)


From other perspectives

5. Historical Abstracts (non-U.S.)

6. Period Studies:

International Medieval Bibliography (400-1500).

Iter: Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance (400 -1700).

7. Performing Arts

Film & Television Literature Index

International Index to the Performing Arts IIPA

8. Area Studies

Slavic and East European Studies  

9. Further More

Anthropology Plus

ARTbibliographies Modern


Women's Studies International

10. When use GoogleScholar, set your Library Links to access Tufts full texts.


Find "Literature Review" Articles

Literature Review —"the Current State of Research"

Reviews of recent books and other types of review articles in major journals in a discipline are likely to summarize the current state of research in an area.


Paul Cooke. "Recent Trends in German Film Studies (review)." Monatshefte102.3 (Fall 2010): 384-399.

Leigh Clemons. "The Swastika and the Stage: German Theatre and Society, 1933–1945 (review)." Theatre Journal 62.2 (May 2010): 310-311.

Matt Cornish . "Searching for a New German Identity: Heiner Müller and the Geschichtsdrama (review) (review)." Theatre Journal 62.1 (March 2010): 122-123.


More sources for reviews:


The Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory (1996-current)


H-Net Reviews in the Humanities and Social Sciences (1994- )


Find More Articles like this "perfect" one


Search, in Arts and Humanities Citation Index, for the article you have read. For example the article in your syllabus:

Barnett, David. "When is a Play not a Drama? Two Examples of Postdramatic Theatre Texts ." New Theatre Quarterly 24: 93 (2008), 14-23.
References: 15 Times Cited: 2

You can, then, look up, in the record, the 15 references that Barnett cited for his article and, in turn, 2 articles (so far) that cited his. The assumption is that these articles address related issues.


1. Not every single article is cited;
2. Influential authors are cited more often;
3. More recent publications take time to be cited.

Popular Press


LexisNexis Academic
Factiva (more international coverage)


New York Times Online Archive
(1851 - 3 years before current date)


Times Digital Archive  (1785 - 1985)


East European Newspapers, 1835-1922


Art Index Retrospective   (1929- 1982)


Readers' Guide Retrospective (1890-1982)


American Periodicals (1740 - 1940)


British Humanities Index (1962- )
British Periodicals (1680s - 1930s)


Current Issues of Journals

The Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory

The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies. (Bookstacks: PB1 .Y45)

Artibus et Historiae  (1980-2004)
in Italian, German, English or French


Die Aktion.

Die Besten: Klagenfurter Texte   

Beiträge zur Geschichte der deutschen Sprache und Literatur.    

Dimension. (English and German)

Dimension2: Contemporary German-language literature.  (continued the previous title)   

Études Germaniques. (Text in French or German)

Germanic Notes ( English or German)

The Germanic Review (German or English)

Germanisch-Romanische Monatsschrift   

Literaturwissenschaftliches Jahrbuch   

Marburger Jahrbuch Fur Kunstwissenschaft 

Neue Deutsche Literatur   


Zeitschrift Für Kunstgeschichte 


Master's theses and Ph.D. dissertations at Tisch Library:

To search by topic, author, advisor or title, use this search form.

To browse by department, follow this link, Tufts University. German Studies


Dissertations & Theses@Tufts (full text)


Dissertations & Theses: Full Text (beyond Tufts)

Most Tufts Ph.D. dissertations issued after 1996; most Tufts master’s theses issued after 2005

Dissertations and theses worldwide; over 2 million titles; more than 930,000 are available in PDF format


DART - Europe E-theses portal    

**Information about submitting your dissertation or thesis to Tufts' Digital Collections and Archives.

**Requested dissertations through Interlibrary Loan, when full tex is not available.


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