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Boston: Architecture & Urbanism

Introduction to Architecture (FAH 08)

Art & Art History

Art of the Moving Image (FAH 092)

Arts of Japan: Scrolls, Film, Amine (FAH 012)

Berlin: An Excursion into Modernity (FAH 092)

Buddhist Art (FAH 01)

Byzantine Art and Architecture

Collecting Antiquity (FAH 192-06)

Conceptual Art (FAH 255)

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera: Art and Life (FAH 092)

Seminar: Frida Kahlo (FAH 280)

From Camera Work to the Americans: Photography in the U.S. 1893 - 1956 (FAH 092)

Historiography & Methodology of Art History (FAH 101)

Introduction to Arts of Africa (FAH 04)

Medieval Art in the Mediterranean: Pagans, Jews, Christians, and Muslims (FAH 028/128)

Painting in Islamic Art 8-16th Century (FAH 022)

Theories and Methods of Art History (FAH100)

Drama & Theatre and Dance

18th Century European Drama and Performance (DR293)

Ancient and Medieval Theatre (DR2)

Costume Design (DR126)

First-Year Showcase (DR93-02)

Graduate Studies (DR220)

Introduction to Acting (DR10)

Latino Theatre and Film (DR51)



Creative Dance for Children


International Literary & Visual Studies (ILVS)

Art of the Moving Image (ILVS 91-03)

Berlin: An Excursion into Modernity (ILVS 91-03)

From Beijing to Bollywood: Cinema in India & China (ILVS 91-05)


CMS Senior Colloquium--Film & Television Topics

Cultures, Languages, and Literatures


The Literature and Cinema of Middle East Cities


Introduction to Chinese Popular Culture


French Culture, Language & Literature

The French Enlightenment


Advanced German (GER 012)

Germanic Studies (Graduate Colloquium)


031 Readings in Italian Literature (I)

032 Readings in Italian Literature (II)

20th Century Italian Poetry

Political Ideology in the Italian Literary Tradition


Japanese Film Director: Hayao Miyazaki

Latin American

The Andes and the Amazon in Film and Literature

Encounters of Death and Reason in Latin American Fiction

Film and Representation in Latin America

Latin American Civilization


Russian Film: Art, Politics and Society

Spanish Literature

Mirroring Strategies of Modern Spanish Theatre

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Chinese Topics


Japanese Topics


Latin American Topics


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