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Latin American Civilization

Research Sources & Tips









Journal Articles and Popular Press

Writing and Citing Sources


I. Overviews


  A Few New Titles at Tisch Library

The Cambridge Companion to Modern Latin American Culture. F1408.3 .C283 2004

Culture and customs of Latin America and the Caribbean.

This series includes 20 titles of twenty individual countries.

Dictionary of Afro-Latin American civilization / Benjamin Nuñez, with the assistance of the African Bibliographic Center.

Encyclopedia of Latin American History & Culture

International Historical Statistics: the Americas, 1750-2000

Latin American Public Opinion Project (Vanderbilt University Dept of Political Science)

Routledge handbook of Latin American politics / edited by Peter Kingstone and Deborah J. Yashar.

Statistical Yearbook for Latin America and the Caribbean (1997 to present)

Dancing with dynamite: social movements and states in Latin America / by Benjamin Dangl.

Latin American history goes to the movies: understanding Latin America's past through film.

Latin American independence: an anthology of sources / edited and translated by Sarah C. Chambers and John Charles Chasteen.

Latin American social movements in the twenty-first century: resistance, power, and democracy / edited by Richard Stahler-Sholk, Harry E. Vanden, and Glen David Kuecker.

Music in the Hispanic Caribbean: experiencing music, expressing culture / Robin Moore.

Peoples of the earth: ethnonationalism, democracy, and the indigenous challenge in "Latin" America / Martin Edwin Andersen; foreword by Robert A. Pastor.

The politics of autonomy in Latin America: the art of organising hope / Ana Cecilia Dinerstein

II. Books

  A. Use Library Catalogs to find books

  B. Sample Searches:

  (note the search pattern; modify to your own needs)

1. Tufts Libraries Catalog

2. WorldCat (beyond Tufts)

Path of Discovery in the Catalog

1. Find a title/author (assigned readings/Course Reserves);

2. Note the descriptive language of the Catalog record.

3. Use that language in further searches


e.g. Click on subject/author in the record to see further results and related topics.



The Indian in Latin American history: resistance, resilience, and acculturation / John E. Kicza, editor.


Los Angeles: J. Paul Getty Museum, 2008.


Indians -- History.

Latin America -- History.

Indians -- Ethnic identity.

Indians -- Cultural assimilation.

Acculturation -- Latin America.

Latin America -- Politics and government.

Using the method as described in the left column, I have selected a few subject browses based on readings in your syllabus:



Focus on particular issues


Indigenous peoples -- Latin America


Self-determination, National -- Latin America


Social movements -- Latin America.



Latin America -- Civilization -- African influences.


Blacks-- Latin America -- History



2. Focus on an Individual Country

Peru -- History


Blacks -- Peru


Folk music -- Peru


Music -- Peru -- History and criticism

Keyword Searches:





bomba and dance




plena and music*


(peru or peruvian) and indian* and literature


(peru or peruvian) and (film* or cinema)


Salsa and and "History and criticism"





1. music* searches for music, musical, and all forms of the word, music.


2. and in between keywords and phrases.


3. Or and ( ) to search any or all of the words.


4. " " around phrases.

III. Journal Articles and popular Process

  A. Subject Databases for Journal Articles

  B. Popular Press

  C. Finding Full Text

1 & 2. JSTOR and Project Muse


JSTOR is a favorite with its full texts in core journals of all disciplines. Project Muse does not include exactly the same JSTOR journals, but it has more recent and current articles on many topics.


3. Academic OneFile
All subjects; a convenient Quick Start.


4. Film & Television and Mass Media

Limit Your Results



5. Literature (MLA)
MLA is the principal bibliographic tool for literary studies.


6. International Index to Music Periodicals Full Text  


7. Latin American Studies (Both English and Spanish language materials.)


8. HAPI (a larger database compared to the above, including scholarship on Central and South America, Mexico, the Caribbean basin, the United States-Mexico border region, and Hispanics in the United States.)  


9. When you GoogleScholar, a limited scholarly universe; set your Scholar Preferences to access our full texts.

1. Historical:

Latin American Newspapers Series 1, 1805-1922 (45 newspapers)

Latin American Newspapers Series 2, 1822-1922 (250 additional titles)


Hispanic American Newspapers  (1808  1980)



Ethnic NewsWatch 1960 -


Readers' Guide Retrospective (1890-1982)


New York Times Online Archive
(1851 - 3 years before current date)


Times Digital Archive (1785 - 1985)


British Humanities Index (1962- )



2. Current:


Book, Movie, Music, Play, And Video Reviews (in LexisNexis)

Factiva (including Spanish Language sources)

1. Click on the findIt@tufts button button in your search results screen to a window of three sequential options:

a. link to the digital full text when available;

b. link to a Library Catalog search for the print journal;

c. link to ILliad for requesting the article when the above two options are negative.


2. Search for a journal directly here:

a. Tufts Library Catalog (including e-journals)

b. Electronic journals list

c. Use ILliad to request your article, if Tufts does not have your journal.


IV. Writing and Citing

  Writing Help

  Citing Sources


A Short Guide to Writing about Literature by Sylvan Barnet. Ref: PE1479.C7 B3

A Short Guide to Writing about Film by Timothy Corrigan. Ref: PN1995 .C66 2010


Tufts Academic Resources Center -- Writing Tutors


MLA Style (for citing sources)