JumboSearch Help

What is in JumboSearch?

JumboSearch is a primary starting point to search for a variety of materials accessible via the Tufts University Libraries, including books, journals, scores, audio-video recordings, and other physical items held across the seven different Tufts Libraries locations. In JumboSearch you can also search for electronic resources, including eBooks, eJournals, databases, and digitized content.

What am I searching?

JumboSearch - All Resources

Searches millions of our resources including print and eBooks, articles, media, maps and more. Note: Millions, yes, but you won’t find everything. For more focused searching, use our specialized databases.

Search all resources in JumboSearch: http://go.tufts.edu/jumbosearch

Library Catalog

Search for physical items that are available in one of Tufts' seven library locations.

Search the Library Catalog in JumboSearch

Course Reserves

Search by course name and/or number, instructor, or department/discipline to find physical, print material placed on Reserve.

Search Course Reserves in JumboSearch


Searches articles in most of our databases. Note that EBSCO databases are not included in this search. For EBSCO publications, use our specialized databases.

Search for articles in JumboSearch

Tufts Digital Library

The Tufts Digital Library (TDL) is an online database containing Tufts’ faculty and student scholarship; descriptions of archival, manuscript, and photograph collections as well as digitized items from those collections; oral histories; public lectures delivered at Tufts; student and university publications; and much more. You might want to restrict your search to the TDL if you were looking specifically for Tufts' scholarship, photographs, or archival material.

Search the Tufts Digital Library in JumboSearch

Go directly to the Tufts Digital Library: https://dl.tufts.edu

Research Guides

Searches hundreds of topical research guides created by Tufts librarians.

Search for Research Guides in JumboSearch

Go directly to our Research Guides

What is not in JumboSearch

All journal articles

JumboSearch allows you to locate and retrieve many journal articles. However, there are many journals in the Tufts collections that cannot be searched at the article level within JumboSearch. To find articles in your discipline, use a specialized database. More information about database options and search techniques may be found in our Research Guides.

Books and other items not owned by Tufts University

The primary purpose of JumboSearch is to find items (physical or online) owned by Tufts. WorldCat Discovery is a catalog of materials held by libraries worldwide, including books, periodicals, sound recordings, musical scores, videos, manuscripts, and maps. Members of the Tufts University Community can request these items using Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad).

Websites and other online resources

JumboSearch may return selected websites of scholarly interest, but the vast majority of websites are not included here.

Complete full-text access to Digital Collections and Archives

JumboSearch enables you to search for information on all of DCA's cataloged holdings. Note that not all holdings are available. Contact the staff at DCA for hlep with a specific request. JumboSearch will not help you find archival material owned by other institutions.

General library information (open hours, staff, etc.)

JumboSearch does not return results from Library webpages. The easiest way to find information about one of the Tufts University Libraries is to visit that library's website. The JumbsoSearch homepage has links to all the library websites.


Basic Search

Image of the JumboSearch search box on the JumboSearch homepage

To begin searching, type a word or phrase, including titles of articles/journals, books, or other resources; or an author name or subject term etc. JumboSearch will search the entire collection for all the words you enter.

Restrict a search to the Library Catalog, Course Reserves, Articles, Tufts Digital Library, or Research Guides by selecting the option from the drop-down menu.

Searching for a phrase

Use quotation marks around the phrase.


"climate change"

Will only retrieve results in which the complete phrase appears.

climate change

Will retrieve results with those two words anywhere in the title, author, subject, or other included fields. The words may not even appear together in a field or in that order.


  • If a comma is used to separate words in a list, the comma must be followed by a space. Otherwise, the system will consider the comma to be part of the word and return fewer results than expected.

AND, OR, NOT & grouping

Note: To use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) within search phrases, you must enter them in uppercase letters. Otherwise, JumboSearch removes them and performs a simple search that includes each word that appears in the phrase.

  • AND connects your words and searches for content where both words appear. This will narrow your search results.
  • women AND mexico

  • OR searches for content with either word and will broaden your search results.
  • zebras OR elephants

  • NOT excludes words.
  • migration NOT illegal

  • Use parentheses to group words or concepts so they are processed logically.
  • (border OR boundary) AND (conflict OR uprising)


  • If parentheses are not used for a query that contains multiple operators, it is recommended that you use the NOT operator last to ensure that results are excluded from the entire query. For example:
  • cycling AND safety NOT helmet

  • If it is necessary to place the NOT operator elsewhere, make sure that you enclose the operation with parentheses. For example:

    (cycling NOT safety) OR helmet

Truncation and wildcards

  • Use a single asterisk (*) to replace any number of characters in a single word.
  • child*

    Retrieves child, childhood, children, child's, etc.

    Note: The asterisk (*) only functions after at least two characters. A search for p* will retrieve no results.

  • Use a single question mark to replace exactly one character.
  • symphon?

    Will retrieve symphony but not symphonies


    Will retrieve both anderson and andersen

    You can use multiple question marks to search for a specific number of characters at the end of a word.


  • Words are not automatically pluralized in JumboSearch. For example: if you search for the word “symphony” JumboSearch will not return results for “symphonies.”
  • JumboSearch ignores wildcard characters placed at the beginning of search terms. For example, JumboSearch treats the search terms ?aying and *aying as if you had searched for aying.

Advanced Search

Image of the Advanced Search boxes in JumboSearch

The Advanced Search page allows more precise searching. A Basic Search looks for terms anywhere in the item - in the title, author, description, subject, etc. An Advanced Search will find terms only where and how you specify.

The first dropdown specifies WHERE you wish to search

  • Any field: Searches anywhere in the record (like a Basic Search)
  • Title: Searches only in the title of an item
  • Author/Creator: Searches only in the Author or Creator field
  • Subject: Searches only in subjects applied to item

The second dropdown specifies HOW you wish your term to be searched

  • Contains: the term is anywhere in the specified field
  • Is (exact): the term or terms appear exactly as entered in the specified field, as if you had placed the terms in quotation marks
  • Starts with: the term or terms matches the beginning of the specified field


To find items with Darwin somewhere in the title (not written by Darwin), select Title in the first dropdown menu and Contains in the second.

Image of Advanced Search showing a search of Darwin using the parameters title and contains

The Material Type menu limits the search to only a specific type of item, such as an article or image.

To further limit the search to articles with "Darwin" in the title, select Articles from the Material Type menu.

Image of Advanced Search showing a search of Darwin using the parameters title and contains and using the Articles material type

The Language menu limits the search to ONLY English, French, or German materials.

The Publication Date menu limits the search to an exact year, or a selection of options, such as Last Year or Last 5 Years.

In addition to these limits, an Advanced Search may be conducted within any of these avaialble collections:

  • Search everything
  • Library Catalog
  • Course Reserves
  • Articles
  • Tufts Digital Library
  • Research Guides

Expand My Results

JumboSearch prioritizes items owned by Tufts but it indexes much more content that is not immediately available. Selecting Expand My Results will broaden your search to items beyond the Tufts collection which may be requested via Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad).

Image of search results for Darwin with the Expand my Results checkbox checked



Using BROWSE, you can look through an alphabetical list of subjects, authors, titles, or Library of Congress call numbers to find resources that are in the collection of the Tufts Libraries, instead of performing a search for a set of keywords. (Note that articles are not included in this search mode.)

To browse the collection, click on the “Browse” tab at the top of the JumboSearch home page.

Image of JumboSearch homepage with the Browse link highlighted

Select which element you wish to browse from the pull-down menu: Subject, Author, Title, or Library of Congress Call Numbers. Image of the JumboSearch browse screen with the pull-down menu containing author, subject, title or LC Call Number highlighted

This is useful when:

  1. Subject
    You know a subject that is relevant to your search and you want to find related subjects, or get an overview of the subtopics within a subject. You can find Library of Congress and MESH subjects.
  2. Author
    You remember only the last name of an author you’re interested in and want to quickly narrow down the possibilities, or if you’re unsure how to spell the name. You can also see cross-references to other forms of the author’s name.
  3. Title
    You have the exact title of the book, journal, CD, or DVD you are looking for in the library and want to find it quickly.
  4. Call Number
    You want to see all of the resources available within a category of call number, e.g., DG70.

Browse the collection



If you are looking specifically for a JOURNAL, enter the title or ISSN in the search box under the "Journals" tab at the top of the JumboSearch home page.

Search for journals