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CAA Reviews     [Indexes and Abstracts]

Publishes timely scholarly and critical reviews of studies and projects in all areas and periods of art history, visual studies, and the fine arts, providing peer review for the disciplines served by the College Art Association.

CAB Abstracts  1910 -   present [Indexes and Abstracts]

CAB Abstracts covers the fields of applied life sciences, agriculture, forestry, human nutrition, veterinary medicine and the environment. Subjects indexed include molecular biology, genetics, biotechnology, breeding, taxonomy, physiology and other aspects of pure science relating to organisms of agricultural, veterinary or environmental importance.

CAB Abstracts Archive  1910 -   1972 [Indexes and Abstracts]

CAB Abstracts Archive covers the fields of applied life sciences, agriculture, forestry, human nutrition, veterinary medicine and the environment. Subjects indexed include molecular biology, genetics, biotechnology, breeding, taxonomy, physiology and other aspects of pure science relating to organisms of agricultural, veterinary or environmental importance.

Cabell's     [Database]

The Cabell's journal directory assists authors in their publication journey by providing an interactive, searchable database which covers 18 distinct academic disciplines from more than ten thousand international scholarly journals. Cabell's provides detailed information for the purpose of evaluating and selecting academic journals.

Calcium & Calcified Tissue Abstracts     [Indexes and Abstracts]

This database assembles pertinent information from wide-ranging sources, reflecting the multi-disciplinary nature of calcium research.

CAM Quest     [Web Sites]

Cambridge Core     [Database]

Cambridge Core, the platform for Cambridge University Press's academic content, contains over 1 million journal articles and 30,000+ books in Arts, Engineering, Humanities, Medicine, Social Sciences, and Science.

Cambridge Dictionary of Scientists     [Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, and Handbooks]

David Millar, et al. Available via Xreferplus.

Cambridge Historical Dictionary of Disease 2003     [Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, and Handbooks]

Interdisciplinary history and description of the world's major diseases of yesterday and today.

Cambridge Structural Database System     [Primary Sources]

The world repository of small molecule crystal structures.

Canadian poisonous plants information system     [Indexes and Abstracts]

Presents data on plants that cause poisoning in livestock, pets, and humans. The plants include native, introduced, and cultivated outdoor plants as well as indoor plants that are found in Canada. Some food and herbal plants are also included that may cause potential poisoning problems.

Canary Database  1966   present [Indexes and Abstracts]

Canary Database is a compilation of curated peer-reviewed research articles related to the use of animals as sentinels of human health hazards. This database contains information added by trained curators in addition to bibliographic records from MEDLINE and other well-known databases. The database includes studies of wildlife, companion, and livestock animals, where either the exposure or the health effect could be considered potentially relevant to human health.

Canine inherited disorders database     [Indexes and Abstracts]

Provides information about inherited disorders in dogs to owners and breeders, to facilitate the best management possible of these conditions.

Census of population and housing (1990). Block statistics.     [CD Rom]

Selected block-level data including total population, age, race, and Hispanic origin, housing units,

Census of population and housing (1990). Equal employment opportunity file.     [CD Rom]

Includes detailed civilian labor force data from the 1990 census, including occupation and education attainment distribution by sex, race, and Hispanic origin.

CentralMass DataCommon     [Web Sites]

An interactive data portal and online mapping tool that provides a wealth of information about the Central Massachusett region's people, communities and neighborhoods through a wide variety of topics.

CEPR (Centre for Economic Policy Research) Discussion Papers     [Indexes and Abstracts]

The Centre for Economic Policy Research publishes over 250 Discussion Papers each year. CEPR Discussion Papers are the primary method for the distribution of research carried out by the Centre, and represent timely and original thinking on important issues in economics. Every paper since 2000 is online.

Ceramic Abstracts     [Indexes and Abstracts]

This database is a comprehensive resource for the ceramics industry, providing international coverage on the manufacture, processing, applications, properties and testing of traditional and advanced ceramics. Sources covered include over 3,000 periodicals, conference proceedings, technical reports, trade journal/newsletter items, patents, books and press releases.

Chadwyck-Healey Literature Collections     [Indexes and Abstracts]

Access to African American Poetry, American Poetry, The Bible in English, Editions & Adaptations of Shakespeare, and Twentieth-Century American Poetry.

Challenging Cases in Pediatric Infectious Diseases  2007   [e-book]

Edited by Keith R. Powell. Based on real-life cases with detailed descriptions, evaluation and management questions and step-by-step diagnostic procedures.

ChemDraw Pro     [Primary Sources]

Software providing specialized tools for drawing structures, reactions and reaction mechanisms. You must set up a ChemDraw account using your Tufts email in order to download the software - choose Windows or Mac application.

Chemoreception Abstracts     [Indexes and Abstracts]

Drawing from the literature on neurobiology, chemistry, physiology of taste, and chemotaxis; covers topics on single transduction, receptors, channels, and neurogenetics.

Chicago Manual of Style Online     [Indexes and Abstracts]

Online version of the Chicago Manual of Style. Guidelines, rules and regulations about writing style, authorship, printing and publishing manuscripts, articles, essays, etc.

China Data Online     [Indexes and Abstracts]

Current and historical data for China, including geospatial data/GIS and Census data. It provides easy access to the various statistical yearbooks published by the National Bureau of Statistics of China, comprehensive statistics, and Census data of economy and population at national, provincial, city, county, and even township levels.

Chinese Science Citation Database     [Indexes and Abstracts]

Provides bibliographic information and citations to articles in 1200 core science and engineering journals published in the People's Republic of China.

Churchill Livingstone's Dictionary of Nursing     [Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, and Handbooks]

CIAO [Columbia International Affairs Online]     [Indexes and Abstracts]

Columbia International Affairs Online Provides searchable access to the full-text of working papers and conference proceedings from 45 leading research centers in the field of international policy and scholarship. CIAO also provides abstracts from key foreign policy journals and the texts of 12 books on various aspects foreign affaires as well as links to internet resources and a calendar of meetings and conferences.

CINAHL     [Indexes and Abstracts]

CINAHL is the authoritative resource for nursing and allied health professionals, students, educators and researchers. This database provides indexing for 2,928 journals from the fields of nursing and allied health. The database contains more than 1,000,000 records dating back to 1981.

Civil Engineering Abstracts     [Indexes and Abstracts]

This database provides indexing and abstracts from more than 4,000 current serial and non-serial titles, including content from ASCE and ICE. The database currently includes over 1M records from periodicals, conference papers, trade journals, magazines, books, patents and technical reports, with indexing back to the early 1960's. It covers all civil aspects from architecture, structural design and construction engineering to environmental, seismic engineering and forensics.

Civil War CD-ROM     [CD Rom]

A compilation of the official records of the Union and Confederate Armies.

Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990: Reduction of Acid Rain, Urban Air Pollution, and Environmental Policy     [Database]

This collection consists of essential documents on the promulgation and implementation of the Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) of 1990 and other environmental issues including endangered species and protection of American wetlands.

ClinicalKey     [Journals]

Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Clinical Trials (Ovid)     [Indexes and Abstracts]

Contains records of clinical trials collected from MEDLINE & EMBASE, and indicates what Cochrane groups are evaluating them.

Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Clinical Trials (Wiley)     [Indexes and Abstracts]

Contains records of clinical trials collected from MEDLINE & EMBASE, and indicates what Cochrane groups are evaluating them.

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews     [Indexes and Abstracts]

Regularly updated systematic reviews of the effects of healthcare with implications for clinical practice. The database also contains protocols for reviews in development. Ovid MEDLINE links from articles reviewed by these systematic reviews via its EBM Topic Review links. Because of problems with our PubMed icons, users should search the database directly for known citations.

Cochrane Library     [Indexes and Abstracts]

Consists chiefly of 7 databases: Cochrane database of systematic reviews; Database of abstracts of reviews of effectiveness (DARE); Cochrane central register of controlled trials (CENTRAL); Cochrane database of methodology reviews; Cochrane methodology register; Health technology assessment database (HTA); and NHS Economic evaluation database (NHS EED).

Columbia Encyclopedia     [Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, and Handbooks]

Communication & Mass Media Complete     [Indexes and Abstracts]

Communication & Mass Media Complete is an index and abstracting resource with considerable full-text. It incorporates the content of CommSearch & Mass Media Articles Index along with numerous other journals in communication, mass media, and other closely-related fields of study to create a research and reference resource encompassing the breadth of the communication discipline.

Compendex     [Indexes and Abstracts]

Compendex is the online version of Engineering Index. It covers all of the literature in engineering, but is particularly good for civil, mechanical, and chemical engineering. For standard service a password is not required.For enhanced service providing personalization, alerting, and search history, you will need to create an account with a password.

Comprehensive Coordination Chemistry II  1982 -   [e-book]

Surveys developments in co-ordination chemistry since 1982, including new trends in biology and materials science.

Computer and Information Systems Abstracts     [Indexes and Abstracts]

This database is a comprehensive index to world literature on computers and software, including software engineering, artificial intelligence, mathematical modeling and computer simulation, Internet applications, e-commerce, multimedia information systems, user interfaces and information systems in such applications as library science, health care and engineering.

Concise Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science  3rd ed., 2004   [Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, and Handbooks]

W. Edward Craighead and Charles B. Nemeroff, eds. Available via Xreferplus.

Concise Medical Dictionary  Sixth Edition, 2002   [Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, and Handbooks]

Conference Proceedings Citation Index     [Indexes and Abstracts]

Multidisciplinary coverage of the world's conference literature in the Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities.

Conference Proceedings Citation Index - Social Science & Humanities     [Indexes and Abstracts]

Multidisciplinary coverage of the world's conference literature in the Social Sciences and Humanities.

Confidential Print Africa, 1834-1966     [Primary Sources]

Confidential Print: Africa is a digitized collection of primary source documents, part of the British Government's series Confidential Print. Documents from the Foreign and Colonial Offices stamped "Confidential Print" were then printed and shared with officials from the Foreign Office, Cabinet, and heads of British missions abroad. Documents have been digitized from files held by the UK National Archives, Kew.

Confidential Print: Middle East, 1839-1969     [Primary Sources]

Confidential Print: Middle East is a digitized collection of primary source documents, part of the British Government's series Confidential Print. Documents from the Foreign and Colonial Offices stamped "Confidential Print" were then printed and shared with officials from the Foreign Office, Cabinet, and heads of British missions abroad. Documents have been digitized from files held by the UK National Archives, Kew.

Congress Daily     [Indexes and Abstracts]

Information on the key players and legislative process on Capitol Hill.

Connect  1970 -   present [Electronic Journals Collection]

Connect (formerly known as Global Insight) provides comprehensive economic, financial, and political coverage of countries, regions, and industries. The information and analysis covers over 200 countries and spans more than 170 industries using a unique combination of expertise, models, data, and software within a common analytical framework to support planning and decision making.

ConsumerLab     [Indexes and Abstracts]

Comprehensive information about vitamin, herbal and other supplements, and nutritional products for both humans and pets. Includes ConsumerLab.com's independent product evaluations, lists of quality-approved brands, product recalls, and safety warnings.

Contemporary Middle East: A Documentary History     [Indexes and Abstracts]

The Contemporary Middle East: A Documentary History brings together more than 120 primary source documents that allow the region's modern history to be told by the people who made it. Each chapter begins with an overview and features speeches, charters, diplomatic agreements, UN resolutions, and other texts that have influenced or were the product of major events and movements. An essay providing historical context precedes each document or set of related documents. A chronology covering the period 1917-2007 complements the narratives and documents.

Cope's Early Diagnosis of the Acute Abdomen  2005 21st edition   [e-book]

William Silen, et al. A clinical approach on acute abdominal pain.

Copper Technical Reference Library     [Indexes and Abstracts]

This database encompasses all aspects of copper, its alloys and its compounds. From mining and extractive metallurgy, to antimicrobial properties, to use of copper in semiconductors, this database gathers information from academic journals, conferences and trade literature.

Corrosion Abstracts     [Indexes and Abstracts]

This database is a comprehensive index to world literature on corrosion science and engineering, corrosion characteristics, preventive measures, materials construction and performance and equipment for many industries.

COS Conference Papers Index     [Indexes and Abstracts]

This database provides citations to papers and poster sessions presented at major scientific meetings around the world. Subject emphasis since 1995 has been in the life sciences, environmental sciences and the aquatic sciences, while older material also covers physics, engineering and materials science.

COS Pivot - Community of Science     [Indexes and Abstracts]

A resource of web services that support collaborative efforts, be they university or industry based, an inventory of people based on intellectual assets and funding information.

Counseling and Therapy in Video     [Indexes and Abstracts]

CountryData.com     [Indexes and Abstracts]

Financial, political and economic risk ratings for approximately 140 countries.

CQ Almanac     [Database]

Viewed as one of the premier resources for understanding the work of the U.S. Congress, the CQ Almanac Online Edition brings together decades of congressional reporting. Contains reports on every major piece of legislation that lawmakers considered during a congressional season.

CQ Press Library     [Database]

CQ Press Library is a resource for research in American government, politics, history, public policy, and current affairs.

CREDO Reference     [Indexes and Abstracts]

Online reference resources from numerous publishers. This reference resource can be searched by individual title, broad subject headings, cross-references, audio and images. Use its "research mapper" to search for terms and topics that are interconnected and displayed in (a) visual form. Examples of titles are: Bloomsbury Guide to Art, Bridgeman Art Library Archive, Columbia Encyclopedia, Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, Harvard Dictionary of Music, and the Concise Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science. The complete list of titles is available on the CREDO Reference site.

Criminal Justice Database     [Indexes and Abstracts]

ProQuest Criminal Justice Database is a comprehensive database supporting research on crime, its causes and impacts, legal and social implications, as well as litigation and crime trends. As well as U.S. and international scholarly journals, it includes correctional and law enforcement trade publications, crime reports, crime blogs and other material relevant for researchers or those preparing for careers in criminal justice, law enforcement and related fields.

Cross-Cultural CD     [CD Rom]

Request at Tisch reference desk A series of full-text files extracted from the Human Relations Area Files (HRAF), featuring descriptions of life in societies around the world in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Current Chemical Reactions     [Indexes and Abstracts]

Current Chemical Reactions contains single- and multi-step new synthetic methods taken from leading journals and patents from 39 issuing authorities. The overall reaction flow is provided for each method, along with a detailed and accurate graphical representation of each reaction step. Current Chemical Reactions (1985 - present) contains more than 880,000 reactions. It is updated by 3,000 reactions each month. The database contains an additional 140,000 reactions from the prestigious Institut National de la Propriete Industrielle, dating back to the 1800's.

Current Content Cardiology  2006 1st edition   [e-book]

Michael Crawford, et al., eds. Covers most diseases, syndromes, and symptoms in all areas of cardiology.

Current Contents Connect     [Indexes and Abstracts]

A current awareness database with a multidisciplinary focus, covering over 8,000 of the world's scholarly journals grouped into the following broad disciplinary areas: Agriculture, Biology & Environmental Sciences; Art & Humanities; Clinical Medicine; Engineering, Computing & Technology; Life Sciences; Physical, Chemical & Earth Sciences; Social & Behavioral Sciences. Also included is access to ISI Current Web Contents.

Current Protocols in Bioinformatics  2006   [e-book]

Designed for research biologists with step-by-step instructions for working with hundreds of applications and databases from research groups around the globe. Demonstrates how to select the right software parameters, analyze data, interpret results, generate hypotheses, and advance research to new levels. Includes an appendix on user fundamentals and a glossary of bioinformatics terms.

Current Protocols in Cell Biology     [e-book]

Includes nearly 1,000 detailed protocols written by investigators in cell biology. Offers research tips and guidelines for isolating and culturing cells in two- or three-dimensional cultures, analyzing the morphology of the cell, and characterizing the functions of organelles and molecules in the cell and its environment. Includes special appendices on the use of inhibitors and pharmacologic agents, protein motifs, absorption and emission maxima for common fluorophores, and more.

Current protocols in Human Genetics     [e-book]

Features methods in all areas of genetic research including genetic linkage analysis, bioinformatics and internet tools, gene cloning, cytogenetics, and diagnostics. Offers basic to sophisticated methods, most equally applicable to other eukaryotic organisms, such as the mouse. Provides appendices, such as "Commonly Used Techniques" (includes molecular biology and cell culture methods, plus statistics basics), "Chromosome Karyotyping and Idiograms", and "Genetic Linkage Reference Maps".

Current Protocols in Immunology     [e-book]

Covers the latest in antibody detection and preparation, molecular immunology, innate immunity, tumor immunology, engineering immune molecules and receptors, and more. Includes a recently added chapter on sources and proven methods for isolation and characterization of stem and progenitor cells, as well as animal models for analyses. Offers valuable reference information in five extensive appendices, including commonly used reagents, equipment and techniques; and a full appendix devoted to the CD system of leukocyte surface molecules.

Current Protocols in Molecular Biology     [e-book]

Includes more than 1,000 procedures from biologists at top laboratories around the globe. Offers basic methods for DNA preparation to advanced procedures for microarray analysis, chromatin assembly, and more. Covers emerging areas, including Drosophila and C. elegans basic techniques, mouse phenotyping, chemical biology, DNA construction by recombination.

Current Protocols in Nucleic Acid Chemistry     [e-book]

Draws from the unique set of chemistries that has arisen from the application of current methods to the synthesis of modified nucleic acids for structure-function studies, potential therapeutic agents, and as tools for molecular biology. Covers basic to advanced techniques for the synthesis, modification, purification, analysis, and utilization of nucleic acids, nucleotides, and nucleosides.

Current Protocols in Protein Science     [e-book]

Provides "best-practices" methodologies for expression, characterization, and purification of recombinant proteins, plus post-translational modification and structural characterization. Suitable for expert protein researchers and scientists with little prior experience in protein isolation and characterization, including scientists trained in other biological disciplines.

Cyprus Crisis, 1967: Standoff between Greece and Turkey     [Database]

These documents highlight the structure and activities of the Persian Gulf States' and Yemen's political system, government, judiciary, laws, military, customs, economy, finance, agriculture, natural resources, industry, communications, and media. Because of the broad scope of these records, they both supplement and complement the coverage offered by the State Department's Foreign Relations of the United States series.