This image of Ritter is taken from A Hundred Years of Music in America... A Full and Reliable Summary of American Musical Effort as Displayed in the Personal History of Artists, Composers and Educators.  By W.S.B. Matthews.  (Chicago: G.L. Howe, 1889)

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Frédéric Louis Ritter Papers



Frédéric Louis Ritter was Professor of Music at Vassar College from 1867–1891 and Director of the School of Music from 1878–1891. Born in Strasbourg , he died in Antwerp on summer holiday 6 July 1891 . Following a divorce from his first wife in Cincinnati , Ritter married Fanny Raymond of New York , an accomplished singer.

The Ritter Papers cam from the estate of an aunt [Louisa Drach?] in Cincinnati and were discovered when her estate was auctioned.

SOURCE : Gift of the Cincinnati Historic Society ( 10 December 1976 )

Brief Contents:

Box 1 – Correspondence (mainly to Frédéric Louis Ritter, some by him, and some between other correspondents).

Box 2 – Programs (general, Poughkeepsie , Vassar College ); clippings; advertising (for Ritter’s books and lectures); miscellaneous.

Box 3 – Printed music (relatively small collection); manuscript music (almost entirely by Prof. Ritter).

Box 4 – Manuscript music (by Prof. Ritter).

Box 5 – Manuscript music (by Prof. Ritter).

Box 6 – Bound printed book of music (not by Ritter)
Ledger containing manuscript bibliography, proof-sheets and miscellaneous for Ritter’s History of Music
Notes and brief manuscripts
Periodicals and periodical extracts
Scrapbook of clippings and programs.

Small separate box: Bibliography on 2-3/4 x 6 inch cards.

[Some items relate to Fanny Raymond Ritter.]

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