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Who is available?

Miriam H. Allman, Sciences and Engineering Bibliographer
Biology, Chemistry, Community Health, Computer Science, Geology, Mathematics, Physics/Astronomy,
Engineering (Chemical, Civil/Environmental, Electrical, Mechanical), Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics/Astronomy
Christopher Barbour, Humanities Bibliographer
Art History, Classics, Comparative Religion, Drama/Dance, English, German/Russian/Asian Languages, Philosophy, Romance Languages
Chao Chen, Reference Librarian
Art History, Drama, German, Russian and Asian Languages, Romance Languages
Martha Kelehan, Social Sciences Bibliographer
Child Development, Community Health, Economics, Education, History, Occupational Therapy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology/Anthropology, UEPP
Regina Raboin, Reference Librarian
Biology, Chemistry, Community Health, Geology, Physics/Astronomy, UEPP
Connie Reik, Reference Librarian
Economics, Government Documents, History, Political Science, Sociology/Anthropology
Josh Quan, Social Sciences Data Librariann
Anthropology, Data services, Economics, Sociology
Michael Rogan, Music Librarian & Bibliographer
Laurie Sabol, Reference Librarian
Child Development, Education, Occupational Therapy, Psychology
Erica Schattle, First Year Education Librarian
First-Year Writing Program
Chris Stauber, Reference Librarian
Classics, Comparative Religion, English, Philosophy
Karen Vagts, Reference Librarian
Business, Engineering, Mathematics

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