How to Find Book Reviews

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Book reviews vary according to the reviewer and the intended audience. Reviews in scholarly journals are likely to include more in-depth analysis and criticism than those aimed at the general public. To find a book review it helps to know when the book was originally published, since reviews usually appear soon after publication. (Ask for help at the Reference Desk for assistance determining a publication date.) Start your search for reviews in resources corresponding to the year the book was published.

Search by SUBJECT: type the name of the book OR
Search by KEYWORD: type the topic and “book reviews,” e.g. American fiction and book reviews.



Book Review Digest (1905 - 2000). Tisch Reference Indexes [GEN] Z1219. C96
Citations to reviews and excerpts of English language books.

Book Review Index (1965 - 2001). Tisch Reference Indexes [GEN] Z1035 .A1B6
Citations to reviews printed in over 350 general interest and scholarly journals.
NOTE: The Tisch subscriptions to the above titles were cancelled several years ago. To find reviews of current material, check any of the resources listed below.

Academic OneFile and General Reference Center (1980 - )
Citations to book reviews and full-length reviews. Searching by keyword, type “book reviews and” followed by the last name of the author and/or key words from the title of the book.

Reviews from newspapers and magazines, worldwide.

  1. Select News tab.
  2. Input name of book, author, or any other relevant information.
  3. In the Select Sources box, choose book, movie, etc. reviews.

Magill's Literary Annual (1977 - ). Tisch Reference Z1219 .M33.
Complete reviews can be found in this series.

New York Review of Books(1963 - ). Tisch Micro R228. Complete reviews can be found in this series.
Older issues in Bound Periodicals at AP2 .N655.
Online at

New York Times Book Review. Included in the Sunday Times. Tisch Micro R1.
Current: online through LexisNexis.
Historical: online through the New York Times Historical Archive
Print access: New York Times Book Review Index (1896-1970). Tisch Reference Indexes [GEN] Z1035 .A1N45 to locate reviews by author, title, reviewer or subject.

Web of Science(includes Arts and Humanities Citation Index, Science Citation Index and Social Sciences Citation Index).
Limit search to book reviews.
Online from 1975 to the present.


Art Abstracts(1929 - ). Tisch Reference Indexes [HUM] Z5937 .A78. Since 1974, book reviews are listed in a section at the end of each volume.
Online from 1984 to the present.

Reviews in Religion and Theology (1999 - ).
Provides prompt reviews of the vast range of publications in theology and religious studies, and related fields (for example, in anthropology, cultural studies, history, literature or philosophy).
Online from 1999 to the present.

TLS (Times [of London] Literary Supplement)Tisch Micro R85.
Online from 1902-1994.

World Literature Today (1927 - ) Tisch Bound Periodicals Z1007 .B717.
Latest issues in Current Periodicals.
Online in Expanded Academic ASAPfrom 1994 to the present.



America: History and Life(1964 - ). Tisch Reference Indexes [HUM] Z1236 .A48. In online version, limit your search to Book Reviews.

Combined Retrospective Index to Book Reviews in Scholarly Journals.  (1886 – 1974)
Tisch Reference Indexes [GEN] Z1035 .A1C64
A 15 volume set of reviews that appeared in about 450 scholarly journals in the social sciences, including history, political science, and sociology.

Contemporary Psychology: A Journal of Reviews(1956 - ). Tisch Bound Periodicals BF1 .C53.

Journal of Economic Literature (1969 - 2002). Tisch Reference Indexes [SOC] HB1 .J6.
Online from 1969-2000.

Political Science Reviewer (1971 - ). Tisch Book Stacks JA51 .P65

Women’s Review of Books.
Most recent two years in Current Periodicals.
Online in Expanded Academic ASAPfrom 1994 to the present.



Biological and Agricultural Index (1964 - 1999). Tisch Reference Indexes [SCI] Z5073 .A46. Since 1975, book reviews are listed in a section at the end of each volume.
Online from 1983 to the present.

History of Science(1962 - )
Older issues are shelved at Q125 .H63
Current issues are shelved at Tisch Current Periodicals.

Royal Society of Chemistry(2002 - )
Full text of book reviews published in one of almost 40 RSC journals.

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