Tufts University General Usage Guidelines for Electronic Resources

Most of the electronic journals and databases available to the Tufts community are the result of negotiated licenses and agreements between publishers and the Tufts libraries. Members of the Tufts community should familiarize themselves with the Tufts Fair Use policy and must make good faith efforts to comply with the licensed terms of these products. Failure to do so can result in individuals' IP addresses being blocked by the publishers from further downloading and result in permanent suspension of the University's access to a particular resource.

Terms of Use

As a current member of the Tufts University faculty, staff or student body it is generally acceptable to:

Detailed information regarding Tufts University's Fair Use policy of copyrighted materials is located on the Scholarly Communications web site.

Publishers monitor web sites to make sure their materials are not being abused. It is not acceptable to:

Some licenses may contain additional terms. Users are encouraged to look for the "Terms of use" link found at many resources for more specific information.