Group Study Rooms

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The Tisch Library maintains 11 Group Study Rooms. Four of these rooms (123A-D) are located on Level 1 of the Fares Tower; four (218A-D) are located on Level 2 of the Fares Tower; and three are located on Level 1 near the lockers and restrooms.

Rooms may only be reserved by groups of two or more Tufts students. Reservations are limited to 3 hours per student per day; 1 hour is the minimum reservation.

An individual may use an unreserved Group Study Room, but rooms cannot be reserved for individual use. Individuals using a room may be asked to leave by a group needing space.

Reservations may be made up until the end of the semester.

Reservations may be canceled if the study group has not arrived by 15 minutes after the start of the reservation.

To reserve a room, please go to and log in with your Tufts username and password. The Room Scheduling site is SSO enabled. Once a reservation is made, you will receive a confirmation email. If someone is occupying a room that you have a confirmed reservation for, politely inform them that you have a reservation. If there is a problem, please contact the Circulation Desk Staff.

Please Note: All room reservations will expire 15 minutes prior to the library’s closing. Tisch has a very limited number of rooms so only reserve a room if you intend to use it. If you find you do not need a reservation, please be courteous and cancel the reservation using the room scheduling site. Students are expected to leave the room in the condition it was found. Please remove all trash, erase all boards and return the furniture to its original location.

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