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All members of the Tufts community are eligible for locker space in Tisch Library. Lockers are assigned on a semester basis -- first come, first served. A copy of the policy and application are available at the Administration Office located in Tisch Library, Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM.

Locker policy

Locker facilities in the Tisch Library total 355 units and are located on Level 1 and G of the library. Lockers are equipped with combination locks for security purposes. All combinations are changed at the end of each semester and assigned on a first come first assigned basis. A new application is required each semester for locker renewal and must be submitted in writing using the Application for Locker form. Upon request, lockers on Level G will be assigned only to graduate students and will be assigned from September-August.

The Library inspects lockers regularly and reserves the right to open lockers and remove items that violate our policy. However, library staff will not retrieve materials from lockers at your request. The use of an additional personal combination lock is NOT permitted. In the event that you need the combination to your locker you can obtain that information from the Administration Office Monday-Friday during the hours of 8:00AM– 5:00PM with a valid Tufts University Identification Card (NO EXCEPTION).

Eligibility: All members of Tufts community are eligible for locker space in Tisch Library.

Applications: Application forms must be submitted each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer). Lockers are distributed in the Administration Office Monday-Friday from 8:00AM– 5:00PM. Applications will not be accepted at the service desks of the Library or during evenings and weekends. Applicants will be asked to provide a valid Tufts University identification card, and must complete the application on their own behalf. Locker is to be used by the assignee only.

Library Materials: All Library materials stored in Tisch Library lockers must be properly charged out in the name of the locker assignee.

Food and Beverage Policy: Food in any form is not allowed in the lockers.

Personal Belongings: The Library is not responsible for the loss or damage to personal belongings left in lockers. Please make sure your locker is secure by spinning the dial and testing the latch every time you close the locker. In the event of a loss, please report the incident to the Tisch Administration Office and the TUPD immediately.

Suspension of Privileges: The Library reserves the right to suspend an assignee’s locker privileges if the assignee does not follow any part of this policy. Suspension of privileges will be IMMEDIATE and will not be reinstated.

Damages: The Library will levy charges to an assignee’s library patron account to cover costs incurred by the Library for repair of damage to lockers and combination locks.

Vacating Lockers: Lockers must be emptied of all items no later than the last day of exams each semester, the deadline date is noted on the reverse side of the Combination Lock Instruction sheet that you received when the locker was issued. All items left in the lockers beyond this date are not the responsibility of the Library and will be removed and discarded (NO EXCEPTION).

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