The Fletcher School

Edwin Ginn Library & IT

Reference Services - For Faculty

One-on-One Research Assistance

We are here to help students with their assignments; please continue encouraging them to come to the library. We are also available to assist faculty with research and data questions.

Course-Specific Research Instruction

We can schedule short research tutorials in-class or outside class time. Librarians will show students how to find and use assignment-relevant databases and other library resources. Workshops with database vendors (e.g., Bloomberg, Westlaw, Global Insight) can also be arranged.

Research Guides

Quick start guides for finding information on hundreds of topics are already available and Ginn librarians are eager to create new guides on topics of interest. Just ask!


All course Trunk sites now have an Ask-a-Librarian link to make it simpler to contact us. We can also assist TAs looking for links to electronic resources and articles.

Footnote Help

The library holds citation management workshops throughout the year. We are also available in the library for one-on-one help or for in-class mini-tutorials on murky citation issues such as citing UN or legal documents.