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JumboCash Account

JumboCash is the only form of payment accepted at copier and printers in Tufts libraries and computer labs. Members of the Tufts community who have a valid Tufts ID may add money to their JumboCash Account as follows:

JumboCash Guest Cards may be purchased for $1 at the PHIL station. This is a one-time cost. The card is reusable.

Tufts departments can only purchase a JumboCash Guest Card or add value to a JumboCash Guest Card using an IDR through Dining Services.

Copiers in Ginn Library

Black-and-white copiers are located in the Circulation area of the library. The cost per copy is 10¢. One copier, located in the Circulation area, accepts cash, all other copiers accept JumboCash cards.

Black and White Printers

There are three black-and-white printers in the Ginn Library, two in the Mugar Computer Lab, and one on the first floor of Cabot. All of these printers default to printing front-and-back (also known as "duplex"). Duplex printing costs $.07 per side printed, while one-sided printing costs $.10 per side. A 2-page document printed on two sheets of paper deducts $.20 from your JumboCash account, but only $.14 if you print it on the front and back of one sheet of paper (duplexing).

Color Printer

There is one color printer in the Ginn Library. This printer defaults to printing front-and-back (also known as "duplex"). A single paged document costs $.30 per page. Duplex printing costs $.225 per side printed. A 2-page document printed on two sheets of paper deducts $.60 from your pay-for-print card, but only $.45 if you print it on the front and back of one sheet of paper (duplexing).

Printing from public computers

You can print from the Ginn Library or Mugar Lab computers. You can also print from a laptop that has been registered on the Tufts Network. See Laptop Printing below. All printers on the Medford campus automatically print double-sided (duplex). 

If you wish to print multiple pages per side to conserve paper:

To name and retrieve your print job:

  1. Once you select number of copies or other print settings from the print window, click "OK".
  2. Enter your name or Tufts username, a name for the document, and a password.
  3. Go to one of the print stations, and swipe your Tufts ID or JumboCash Guest Card.
  4. In the options that appear, find your name and/or the name of the document you are printing, enter the password you chose.
  5. If you are ready to print and have the cost deducted from your card, click "Next" or "Enter".

Once you have sent a document to the printer, you have two hours to print it before it is deleted from the print queue. You do not have to release the document in the same location from which you printed it; if you send a document to the printer from the Ginn Library, Mugar Computer Lab, Eaton Computer Lab, Cabot 1, or EPDC, you can print it out from any of those locations.

Laptop Printing

To set up your personal laptop to print to a public printer in a computer lab or university library, you must download the printer drivers and software package from Tufts TTS. Please note there are different instructions for PCs and Macs.

Printing from the laptop is similar to printing from the public computers:

  1. Select "Print" from the "File" menu.
  2. Confirm that the printer selected is "Medford Public Labs and Ginn."
  3. Follow the instructions above to learn how to print single-sided and to name and retrieve your print job.


Scanners are located next to the printers in the Ginn Library entrance, around the corner from the reference office, and in the Mugar Lab. You can save scanned documents to a flash drive, email them directly from the scan station, or print to one of our printers.  There is no cost for scanning; however, printing costs apply for documents sent to printers.

Getting Help

If you have any problems with printing from your laptop or a public computer, please visit the Mugar Computer Lab.

Reporting problems

Report all problems with printing in the Ginn Library to the Circulation or Reference desk at once. The Ginn circulation desk has paper and spare toner cartridges if supplies run out during the evening or on a weekend.