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Using Wireless Device at Fletcher

Tufts students, faculty, and staff:
The following pertains to anyone with a valid Tufts username (UTLN) and password.  Access to the wireless network is enabled by selecting the Tufts Wireless access point in your device's wireless settings.  If you launch a web browser, you should see a wireless registration page asking you to type in your Tufts username and password. Once you register your device, you will have network access for that device for one year.

Alumni, guests, and others:
Access to the wireless network is provided on a short-term basis by registering online as a guest. Guests can register for accounts that can last 7 days. Learn about guest registration.

Alternatives to wireless use for internet access:

Tufts Wireless FAQ

Is the Tufts wireless network secure?

No. While access to the Tufts wireless network is limited to users with valid usernames and passwords, the wireless network does not implement encryption. The traffic you send or receive may be seen by others using the network, just as is the case at most wi-fi hot spots in public locations like coffee shops and airports. We strongly recommend you use encrypted communications that protect your data from eavesdropping, such as HTTPS, secure IMAP, SSH, and secure FTP. If you have a valid Tufts username and password, you can sign on to the Tufts VPN to securely access network resources.

Can I set-up my own wireless network at Tufts?

No. Adding wireless routers, switches, hubs or other unsanctioned network expansion devices can disrupt network service. In addition, these devices can expose the network and its data to viruses. This is forbidden by the University Acceptable Use policy. For details please see the Network Use Policy. Please contact Network Engineering (NOC) if you have any questions.

I'm still having problems, how do I get help?

Faculty and Staff should go to or contact IT@Fletcher.

Students should bring their laptop to the Tufts OnLine offices in the Arena Computing Annex or call x7-4865 for assistance.