Printing and Scanning

Use the JumboCash account associated with their Tufts ID card.
Faculty and Staff
Use a department copy card (kept at the library). Check with your department for its use policy.
Outside Patrons
Use cash or purchase a JumboCash card from the library.


There are three printers available: a black & white and a color printer on the first floor of the library; a black & white printer in the Loew Student Lounge. To print:

  1. Choose either the Webster B&W or Webster Color printer from the Print window. Note: you can't print color pages in the Loew Student Lounge.
  2. Enter your Tufts Username, a name to identify the document you are printing (optional), and a password.
  3. Go to the Print Release Station—the computer near the printer you'd like to print from— enter your Tufts Username and swipe your Tufts ID card through the card reader.
  4. Select your print job and click print. The cost to print the job will automatically be deducted from your account.

Note: Double-sided printing is the default setting. To print single-sided, change the printer settings before you print.


There are four ways to print from your computer to a Grafton Campus (library) printer:

What else can you do at JumboPrint?


There are two scanners available. One is located near the Library Circulation Desk and one is adjacent to the Reserves book shelves on the first floor of the library. Use the scanner to send a copy of an article to an email address, Google Docs, printer, or save to a USB drive.